spring has sprung

Blogging is not something you should feel you have to force yourself to do, really, I try to think of it as like writing a periodical circular letter to friends and fam, and taking care to do it in such a way that anybody who wanders in can make sense of it and enjoy whatever excuse for a yarn I am spinning. (Bad metaphor, I know, considering I don’t even spin yarn, but, whatever. LOL) It’s not even that I have to force myself, it’s just that sometimes things just…pile up. I

sometimes out, sometimes in

Once again, I’m late in updating. I guess I could say that is partly because there’s not much going on, which sounds totally counterintuitive, doesn’t it? For the past couple of weeks, I haven’t gotten out much. A lot of activities involve spending money, and I’m trying not to do that more than I have to. Also, I’m more of a homebody than people know. it’s ironic, isn’t it, that now that I can go anywhere I want to anytime I want to, I want to do things at home? I think it’s

champagne night!

Mom’s first care plan meeting went well. I walked in and the first person I saw was the dietitian I worked with almost daily when I worked at Place K! It was actually funny once the meeting started, because she was asking me questions about mom’s diet needs and swallowing and such, almost as though mom were a patient of mine. To be honest, sometimes I do find myself having to detach from daughter-mode and go into something like therapist-mode, to have any kind of objectivity.