Saturday was a day to be thankful for all around! The caregiver showed up early, for starters. Her name is Valerie and she is as sweet as they come. She and mom hit it off right away and were chatting as I slipped out the door. The weather was flawless for January: blue sky and mild temperature, so weird when less than 48 hours before there was still snow on the ground. There’s one spot on the interstate between my house and downtown, where several lanes merge just where the

Sitters are go!

I’m very excited and very nervous. On Monday a lovely lady named Tara came from WholeCare to evaluate mom. She spent a good couple of hours getting acquainted, taking her medical history, observing her a bit, and then we began to make some plans. I let her know I’m not overly blessed financially, but I use some of the rent money from my parents’ old house for things for mom, like her insurance and so forth, so I figure this falls into that category. At the moment, mom seems t

a light at the end of the tunnel, or an oncoming train?

So. Christmas was… better than I hoped, not especially good, but not as bad as it could have been. How’s that for damning with faint praise? I put up my last blog post last Friday. Saturday, mom had a rough evening. At one point, she started yelling how she hated this house and wished I had never brought her here. I asked where she wanted to be and she said ‘anywhere you aren’t.’. Now granted, she had no idea who I was, so it didn’t really hurt me, but it did annoy me. I alm

About that camper thing...

Sorry I’ve been scarce for so long! The past couple of weeks have been rough ones. My old laptop gave up the ghost so I had to sink my tax refund into a new one, my internet has been going out the past week more often than I do (another call to Comcast is in my future—thankfully, unlike some of the horror stories I’ve read, they have been very nice and helpful whenever I’ve needed them) and mom has been particularly challenging. Her behavior is really kind of odd, to me as a