Dragon Con part deux, and then some

This was supposed to have been done two weeks ago. Sorry, real life gets in the way. But! On a positive note, it gives me much more stuff to talk to you about! A couple of weeks ago I decided to take advantage of my currently- not-conventionally-employed status, and make another run to Atlanta for a favorite writer’s closest personal appearance. (it was the only stop on their tour that still had tickets too, so I figured it was meant to be. LOL) I took my car in to be service

Dragon Con fun, part one

I survived Dragon Con! And this year I will actually share pix and stories before Christmas. LOL As with last year, I did not stay at one of the insanely expensive host hotels downtown. I hate to drive in Atlanta, and hate it worse the closer to town I get. Thankfully, the little extended stay I discovered last year, not far from where the pen show is held, was available, and I landed there around lunch time on Thursday, day one of the con. Unofficial activities are starting

up the mountain I go

Part of the joy of driving up to the Smokies is that the weather is generally a little more moderate—cooler and less humid—than the basin where Nashville sits. This year…it was not. I mentioned last week that the forecast was hot with chances of rain daily. The forecast was half accurate: there wasn’t a drop of rain that I saw the several days I was there, but the hot? Yeah. Tourists were complaining. I was joining with locals to assure them that no, they were not crazy, and

warming trends!

Spring has sprung, the grass has riz, I wonder where the birdies is! They are outside tweeting like crazy right now. It’s a beautiful day, HOT, the hottest so far this year, I think. I finished putting out all my plants; the flowers I mentioned last post, some herbs, a couple of veggies, and my Joseph’s coat. Somehow, I didn’t expect them to, but the rosemary, lavender and mint that I planted last spring all came back! My knockout rose bush that I pruned last winter is going

spring has sprung

Blogging is not something you should feel you have to force yourself to do, really, I try to think of it as like writing a periodical circular letter to friends and fam, and taking care to do it in such a way that anybody who wanders in can make sense of it and enjoy whatever excuse for a yarn I am spinning. (Bad metaphor, I know, considering I don’t even spin yarn, but, whatever. LOL) It’s not even that I have to force myself, it’s just that sometimes things just…pile up. I

fountain pen fun, and medical update

So I lied. LOL. I said Dragon Con stories this time. Maaaaybe not though. The joy of being able to leave the house when I want to never gets old. Last week Pelikan Pens, one of the premier fountain pen makers, scheduled their Hubs all over the world. A Hub is a yearly fountain pen meetup, basically. Pelikan sends swag, goodies for everybody who signs up and shows up. People bring pens and ink, everybody eats and drinks and has a great time. Nashville is fortunate that we have

life is boring. I love it.

Nothing really exciting to write about this go-round; I just thought I should toss up a brief post to say hi. I am rediscovering something I had almost forgotten the feeling of…boredom! Okay, I’m not really bored. It’s more like, every now and then, I find myself stopping and going ‘all right, everything on my to-do list is done’ and I have to think about, what shall I do now? Not as if I’m actually short on things to do! When the list of ‘this has to be done right NOW’ gets