making and making...

For a post that's all about creating, this has a rather down start. Job prospect did not pan out. I don’t know whether they just decided I was overqualified or what. I certainly didn’t ask for a super high salary; what they offered was fine with me, considering how awesome state benefits are. Whatever the reasoning, they went with somebody else, even with my cousin hopefully going to bat for me. Once I got over the disappointment, I figured there's probably something about th

spring has sprung

Blogging is not something you should feel you have to force yourself to do, really, I try to think of it as like writing a periodical circular letter to friends and fam, and taking care to do it in such a way that anybody who wanders in can make sense of it and enjoy whatever excuse for a yarn I am spinning. (Bad metaphor, I know, considering I don’t even spin yarn, but, whatever. LOL) It’s not even that I have to force myself, it’s just that sometimes things just…pile up. I

caregiving never ends

Yeah, late again. New Year’s Eve was fine, very relaxing, but the day after New Year’s, things began to come unwound. Place K called to tell me mom had become unresponsive at the breakfast table & they were sending her to the hospital. Cue dropping everything and racing across town. (Thankfully, the hospital is almost within walking distance of her place; not so thankfully, the whole thing is on the opposite side of the county from me.) She was better by the time I got there,