holidays proceeding apace!

Hope your season is going swimmingly, whether you celebrate anything particular this time of year and whatever it is 😊 and however you like to celebrate it! I have my usual small coterie of decorations up. Been cooking, of course, since cold weather makes me want to bake. Pumpkin bread-- and I made some random fudge over the weekend; I had partial bags of chocolate, butterscotch and peanut butter chips, not enough of any one for a batch of candy. So—I dumped them all in. It’

Dragon Con part deux, and then some

This was supposed to have been done two weeks ago. Sorry, real life gets in the way. But! On a positive note, it gives me much more stuff to talk to you about! A couple of weeks ago I decided to take advantage of my currently- not-conventionally-employed status, and make another run to Atlanta for a favorite writer’s closest personal appearance. (it was the only stop on their tour that still had tickets too, so I figured it was meant to be. LOL) I took my car in to be service

well, this time...

I’m so darn late because I actually have been busy! Very busy! Yay me! (sort of. LOL) Welcome to Night Vale live was glorious. If you’ve never listened to it, the format is a community radio station’s news report, in a very weird little town in New Mexico. Think of it as NPR meets X Files. Aliens fly around the Arbys sign at night, angels help an elderly lady change her porch light bulbs (and then she puts the burnt out ones on ebay), a teenage activist challenges the weirdos

holy cow!

Dang. Has it really been this long? I’m sorry. I wish I could say I’ve been doing something super exciting or productive that has kept me from updating. Sadly, that is not the case. I’ve had assorted house related things come up, and that has eaten some time. The week after I got back from the Smokies, I went out to the garage and noticed water along the closed door. Odd, I thought, since it hadn’t rained in a couple of day. I wondered if my gutters were clogged and rainwater

warming trends!

Spring has sprung, the grass has riz, I wonder where the birdies is! They are outside tweeting like crazy right now. It’s a beautiful day, HOT, the hottest so far this year, I think. I finished putting out all my plants; the flowers I mentioned last post, some herbs, a couple of veggies, and my Joseph’s coat. Somehow, I didn’t expect them to, but the rosemary, lavender and mint that I planted last spring all came back! My knockout rose bush that I pruned last winter is going

I survived the pen show. Or it survived me. Whichever.

Actually, I survived to get to the pen show. Aunt Peggy didn’t have a fever with her bout of illness, which was the main reason we concluded it was food poisoning. But while I was writing that blog post last Thursday talking such a good game about that, I was feeling progressively sicker and sicker, nauseous and with ominous rumblings in my lower segment. I barely got it posted before I had to run to the bathroom. Don’t worry, I’m not going TMI; just suffice it to say if the

moving along

Drive-by to update. Things are going as well as can be expected. I ran around like a nut the rest of the week after mom passed, and on into last week, cleaning her room out, hanging with her care staff. I took them donuts and a card, and let them know how much the family appreciated their love and care for mom. They even wanted to see the photos I took at the funeral home, and those seemed to ease their hearts to see her peaceful and resting (with Spooky—they all knew how muc

as fall falls

Making stuff! I love making stuff, as you know. This time of year, I’m gearing up to make ALL THE THINGS. With gifting holidays approaching, plus secret pal swaps, and cool damp weather making me want to curl up with yarn or whatever. Add to that the resurrection of my writing muse, and of course the fact that I have my life back now, and my creative juices are flowing like maple sap! I’m discovering new ways to craft, or rediscovering old ways I hadn’t pursued in a while. Th

trees, squees, and pains

October! Time for fall, cool breezes, changing leaves, football, and pumpkin spicing all the things. Except around here where it’s still 80 degrees. (That picture was taken a couple of years ago.) It did get cool and rainy for half a day last week, so I got to break out a lovely plaid flannel I found at Goodwill and gave a loving home to, for like, three hours, before it got hot again and I had to take it off. LOL. Fortunately, it was open over a cute babydoll t-shirt that is

sometimes out, sometimes in

Once again, I’m late in updating. I guess I could say that is partly because there’s not much going on, which sounds totally counterintuitive, doesn’t it? For the past couple of weeks, I haven’t gotten out much. A lot of activities involve spending money, and I’m trying not to do that more than I have to. Also, I’m more of a homebody than people know. it’s ironic, isn’t it, that now that I can go anywhere I want to anytime I want to, I want to do things at home? I think it’s

life is boring. I love it.

Nothing really exciting to write about this go-round; I just thought I should toss up a brief post to say hi. I am rediscovering something I had almost forgotten the feeling of…boredom! Okay, I’m not really bored. It’s more like, every now and then, I find myself stopping and going ‘all right, everything on my to-do list is done’ and I have to think about, what shall I do now? Not as if I’m actually short on things to do! When the list of ‘this has to be done right NOW’ gets

dancing with the muse

Sorry it’s been so long since I updated. Real writing has eaten much of my free time in recent days, and I could not be happier about it. I got the best compliment this morning that a writer can possibly get, in my humble (or not so humble, lol) opinion. My aunt has been beta reading Song for the Seacrossing a couple of chapters at a time as I get it typed up. Beta reading, in case you don’t know, is reading a work in progress and giving honest feedback. Aunt Peggy is very ho

luck, and geekdom

Happy Friday the 13th! I’m about to say something that makes people either hate me, or feel my forehead for fever. I love Friday the 13th. Seriously. I always seem to have good luck. Now, I don’t mean the day just moseys along relatively quietly, though that is fine and good too. I mean, I almost always have some piece of exceptionally good fortune on that day! I’m not a big believer in ‘luck’ anyhow, but it amuses me that this occurrence has become so consistent that I actua

I can sing again!

I got a couple of job nibbles this week. Filling out applications online can be such a pain, though! I spent an hour one day trying to get past page 4 of this one. Finally I had to call the business and ask for help. They said they would email me. Which they haven’t. argh. The other one called just as I was about to run out the door to go ride with mom to her follow-up appointment with the foot doctor. They said they would call me back. Which, guess what, they haven’t. Double

sneak peek--A Song for the Seacrossing

Quick blog post to keep my promise and share a bit of the book I'm working on! This is from the first chapter. To set-up: Kirby is an undercover cop who survived a car bombing and has just gone back to work beside his partner Gabe. They are part of a team on a drug bust and are searching a dealer's warehouse. That's where this sequence picks up. Kirby gave the cramped office another once-over, noting a second door closed and half hidden by stacks of office supplies. A closet

reclaiming my life (a little at a time)

I’ve spent a good chunk of every day since my last post dealing with mom things. Monday I had to take her things, as I mentioned at the end of that post. She did know me. Tuesday I had to ride on the facility van with her to an ortho doctor to check out the fractured bone in her foot. (That went well, thankfully; I grabbed a couple of suckers at the checkout desk and we sat in the lobby and happily sucked on them until the van returned.) Yesterday was a brief family meeting.

gambling (some. Not much.)

I wasn’t sure if I’d be going with my family on our little gambling mini-vacation, because as of the day before, mom was still at New Psych & I wasn’t able to get hold of people there or at Place K to get confirmation of the plan. I resigned myself to staying home and handling whatever came up alone for three days. My aunts and uncle, however, did not. They put their collective feet down and insisted. They wanted me to come; the facilities could manage moving mom, or keep her

circling buzzard, sliding rabbit

Mom is doing better, according to the caregivers at New Psych. No seat belt for several days, and no need for shots of medicine to control agitation for nearly two weeks now. Place K has re-evaluated her, and it sounds like they feel she can come back to their rehab department for a couple of weeks of therapy, now that she’s not quite so agitated. Then, apparently, it’s long term care for her. My uncle and I cleaned out the little apartment at memory care. A bit annoying that

wow, another blog post

Just a quick drive-by to say hello and share a couple of things! Did you watch the royal wedding last weekend? Yes, I did. Please, nobody start with me about how Bad Things A, B, C, & D are still going on and how dare people allow themselves to be brainwashed into spending several hours with fluff on the TV. (Although, if you are reading my blog, I’m pretty sure you aren’t the kind of person who would say that anyway.) I know bad things are going on. I also know what I’ve bee

nothing ever goes as planned.

Writing this post makes me feel like my favorite nightly newscast. It’s become a running joke, so much so that half the time when the show starts the host is already laughing, that they have a whole hour’s programming put together, and five minutes before air time, some crazy new bit of news blows up and the show gets tossed. Or as a character in one of my books says, ‘plan is to trash the plan’ (more on that later) As I said last time, I really did intend to blog toward the