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Y'all thought I was kidding, didn't you? When I said I was going to blog about Korean beauty products, I mean. Well, I'll talk some about those, and some about other skin care things I like.

I'm going to try to pull this off, since I didn't have time yesterday, and today mother is on hour 4 of a pill rant. I'm trying to think and type while simultaneously filtering out her reading her pill schedule over and over and over again, but being aware enough of what she is saying to answer her, or try to. It's hard to answer questions that make no sense. I'm sure I've already said that, but forgive me for repeating it. "Yes mom, PM means night time. Mom, today is Thursday, so no, you can't take the pills in the Saturday pill box. No mom, we are not going to talk about Saturday's pills yet. No mom, you take one of pill X a day; there are two left in the pill planner because you will take one on Friday morning and one on Saturday. No, I'm not trying to give you two of pill X in one day. No mom, the 3 PM pills are not in the box, they are on your night stand. Yes mom, you have to take your pills when the doctor told you to." Then she starts to grit her teeth, just like her mother, my granny did, when she had Alzheimer's. Though mom's still isn't really acting like any dementia I'm aware of. It's gone so fast and is so inconsistent. The other night at 7:30 she was on the phone with her sister insisting the girl in her house (me) was not her daughter (me); two hours later, she was asking me if we still had any of the pound cake I bought at the grocery the other day. Go figure! (Seriously, I've noted her memory is better when food is involved. I do not keed.)

Anyway, enough of that. On to some self-care times! A month or so ago, a friend posted on her facebook page about her addiction to K-Beauty products, accompanied by a photo of some of the most insanely cute packaging you ever saw. Like hand cream in a container shaped like a cookie, facial masks with animal faces printed on them, a moisturizing spray shaped like a bunny! Intrigued, I started to research.

Initially I was a bit overwhelmed, because the classic Korean facial regime has like TEN steps, and I can't even keep them all straight. One thing this line of pursuit has done for me, however, is motivate me to begin taking better care of my face. For years my 'morning routine' has been scrub my face with a cotton ball soaked with Sea Breeze. My skin has been oily most all my life, and seemed to still be so. I took a little test on one web site, though, and lo and behold, it's somewhat dry now. Who knew? Yeah, at my age you'd think I'd know that's liable to happen, but still, it seemed oily. I've learned though that that might really be my poor abused skin trying to make up for what I was doing to it.

So ten steps ain't gonna fly, especially not in my current world where it takes the better part of two hours, a few minutes at a time, just to check email and messages. But--I can at least clean it right and moisturize a bit. I'm cheap, have I mentioned that (LOL)? I like goat's milk soap, but it's so darn expensive. So what I do is buy a huge block of the make-it-yourself base at a big box craft store (Michael's is closest and best, especially with a 40 percent off coupon) and cut it up. One makes eight big bars of nice sudsy unscented mild face soap.

What I save on that, I spend on a great moisturizer. I'm partial to a product called Steamcream. It's made in the UK, by a guy who used to work for the legendary bath and beauty company Lush. It's light, not greasy or gunky, and smells like lavender. A dab goes a long way, my skin drinks it up and feels great the rest of the day, and it comes in adorable little metal tins that are great to recycle. I keep my earbuds in this one.

You can buy it straight from the company, or on Amazon, or a number of online beauty suppliers carry it. I should be making money off this endorsement, shouldn't I? :D Not set up for that stuff yet, though. Just sharing.

Back to Korea though. One thing I have adopted from their regimens is the sheet mask. It's a light piece of cloth or cloth-like paper, soaked in various essences meant to brighten, moisturize, tone, exfoliate, or what have you. Because they are huge on research and development, Korean companies use all kinds of exotic ingredients in their products, like bird nest, seaweed, pearl essence, and snail mucus! Yes, snail mucus. Quit going ew, over there, I see you. hehe.

The masks look like rough drafts for a Jason Voorhies costume, and fit on your face the same way. I took a picture of myself wearing one, but y'all don't want to see it. Really, you don't. Trust.

I only use them a couple of times a week, usually while I'm in the bathtub. It occurred to me that mom might freak out a bit if she saw me in one, because as I noted before, sometimes she doesn't know who I am anyway. But last weekend I was busy bathing and here she came creeping up the stairs. So I just behaved as normal, laughed when she looked weirdly at me, and explained what I was doing while I took it off and massaged the moisturizer in. She was actually interested, wanted to feel the facial product and smell it, and didn't freak out. So I was relieved.

Here's a bit of my collection--you can see some of the funky ingredients, and also some of the fancy decorated ones that have animal faces or Asian festival mask designs. My favorite isn't in this pic; it's made by the Creme Shop, and it contains resveratrol, the antioxidant in red wine and dark chocolate. It's a little heavier cloth than the super-thin one in the picture up there, but it fits really well and smells so good, kind of like red wine! Smell is very important to mood, it's said, and I've found it to be true. I'll blog sometimes about that, and plug some of the things I like to use.

I'm sitting on mom's bed as I finish this, and she has dozed off. Have any of y'all ever heard somebody burp in their sleep? I hadn't.

Until next time, do something nice for yourselves! Talk to you later.



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