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Jesus is the best shopper

Me again! Here's a quick follow up to yesterday's post, which I thought y'all would appreciate.

Last night and today I've been browsing ebay for some type of religious medal. I kind of thought I'd like something I could wear all the time under my shirt just as a reminder. But I didn't want to use something nice I already had, like the pewter Holy Spirit dove I bought in New Orleans, because if mom freaked out and it got broken or lost it would hurt me, and I'm sick of hurting.

I had it narrowed down to something angel-y or a Holy Spirit dove. The cleansing ritual I used for the house called for angels to join hands in protection and for the Spirit to dwell in. (Parenthetically, I had this epiphany in 9th grade studying Genesis. 'hm, it says humans are made in God's image male and female. That means God's image has to be equal parts both!' :D I rather like the concept of the Spirit as Sophia, the feminine side of God. Y'all should have seen how that made some heads explode at my very conservative religious high school. Anyway, I've been especially fond of the Holy Spirit ever since then.)

Oh, that reminds me, the very Christian cleansing ritual's last step was: finish where you started, touch the first spot you anointed, and say 'let the circle be unbroken'. It made me giggle, actually, because I have a lot of pagan friends, and they say some version of the same thing in their worship practices too. (and yes, I thought of the classic country song too, and yes, I did sing the chorus afterwards.) But I digress.

Anyway, in the medal search, I hadn't found anything that struck home, so I quit for a while. I went looking through mom's jewelry box for a magnifying glass necklace I gave her some years ago, that she said I could borrow. Along the way I found a small medal with a dove on one side. I took it into the light and turned it over, and I kid you not y'all, the Mexican devotional candle I mentioned yesterday? the one on my altar, with the picture of the angel guarding the two kids?

This medal, which I have no idea where she got it or when, that I literally stumbled across while looking for something else altogether? Has the SAME PICTURE, Y'ALL. I laughed out loud, ran upstairs to my altar and said 'thank you so much, this is the nicest present I've gotten in ages!' And you know, it is! My family has not always been great about getting me things I really wanted (though they do try, bless 'em). The chain is even the length I was looking for! :D

I totally felt as if it had come with a note saying 'hey Lisa, welcome home, here's something I thought you would like. Love, Jesus'

tl;dr--Jesus is the best shopper. LOL.

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