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Quick update on life at the Ivy-encrusted Cottage. 😊

When we last left our intrepid heroes, the first visit of the sitter was scheduled for last Wednesday. Welp, that didn’t happen. The agency scheduler called me Wednesday morning to say the sitter who was scheduled had a sick child & couldn’t come. Understandable. Scheduler was trying to find somebody else. Now, I’ve worked in home health, and worked with schedulers. They are exceptionally good at pulling rabbits out of hats. The only problem is, that means eventually people EXPECT them to.

I told her I had a doctor’s appointment and she said she would keep trying. Then I got off the phone and went ‘oh for Pete’s sake, why do I have to be part of the problem here?’ So I called my doctor. Fortunately, they had an opening Friday! So I called the agency back and told the poor scheduler, who by then sounded like her hair was on fire, not to worry about Wednesday, but to see if she could get me somebody for Friday. She seemed very relieved and promised to do her best.

I figured I was safe. Snowy weather was predicted for Friday night, but that left me all day to get the previously planned things done.

Thursday was mom’s 81st birthday. I baked her a pan of gingerbread which she had decided she wanted for her cake, got her a card and gave her a couple of small gifts.

Her brother came over to see her which gave me a minute to run to the grocery. Kroger was packed! I had no idea why, but got as much done as I could with a quick side run to the bank.

I found out why when I got home & my uncle informed me the weather forecast had moved the snow to ALL DAY FRIDAY. 0_0 Okay. The agency needs 48 hours prior notice if you cancel a sitter, or you get charged. This makes sense; otherwise they would be broke. But if the weather sucked, I couldn’t go to the doctor or the garage. So there I would be, paying for a sitter I really didn’t need, which I really couldn't afford.

My doctor saved my butt. The office called to tell me they were cancelling my appointment; due to the predicted bad weather they were planning to be closed Friday. Ha! On the phone to the agency again, to share this news. The scheduler, bless her, went ‘yikes, your doctor is closing? We may have to close too, if the weather is going to be that bad. I’ll cancel your sitter then, no charge, talk to you next week’.


In other news, mom continues to be up and down mood-wise. Yesterday evening she slept through supper, woke up about 1 in the morning, and asked for bacon and eggs. Asked, mind you, which is not always the case. Sometimes it’s more like an order! But she asked, and I cooked it, and fixed myself some toast and we ate and enjoyed it.

Of course, right now, she’s mad I didn’t jump right up from the computer when she started stirring from her nap. She snarls and says ‘just get out of here’. So I did. I’m watching my phone clock to see how long before she hollers for me. LOL

Oh! Writing is going well! I mentioned a while back that the educational web site I write lessons for apparently has decided I can be trusted and relied upon, because they keep sending me lists of articles that need writing asap and asking if I can do some. This last time, the scheduler got a little over-excited and assigned three of them to me. So I’m staying busy with that. But I keep wanting to do more, so I signed up on Upwork, a web site for freelancers, and periodically browse it and apply for gigs that sound interesting.

Well, I just got a reply of interest for a gig I applied for--they want a speech pathologist to write a monthly column for their health web site. (If I get the gig, I’ll post the address here so y’all can read it. Yes, I am a shameless self-promoter.)

And I just got a call back to do a test project for another gig! It’s from a hotel association in Florida, looking for somebody to answer comments from customers. They sent me a sample situation and asked me to write a reply. I knocked that sucker out in 4 minutes, and the evaluator said it was the best piece she had had submitted so far. She has 2 other applicants to review, I think she said, but she says she hopes it's me!

That’s about it for right now. I hope I can update again next week (my birthday is Tuesday) and then next weekend to let y’all know how the first sitter day (and, hopefully, the jaunt to the RV show) goes.

Eh, mom’s hollering Help me, help me, so I guess I better go take her to the bathroom. Hopefully then I can relax and knit myself a new pair of house socks, because I'm tired of crocheting patches for the pair I'm wearing right now. Later!

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