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Saturday was a day to be thankful for all around! The caregiver showed up early, for starters. Her name is Valerie and she is as sweet as they come. She and mom hit it off right away and were chatting as I slipped out the door.

The weather was flawless for January: blue sky and mild temperature, so weird when less than 48 hours before there was still snow on the ground. There’s one spot on the interstate between my house and downtown, where several lanes merge just where the exit I needed to get off on for the RV show is. I took a deep breath and prayed and signaled, and got right over. Thank you Lord!

Once I got in, I was a bit disappointed initially, I had hoped there would be vendors selling RV and camping related goodies—t shirts, tote bags, gadgets for your rig, etc. Instead, it was mostly people selling house-type stuff! I mean, really dude, why are you set up at an RV show hawking gutter guards and storm windows? The meat of the show was the rigs though, and man, were there a bunch of them! All different sizes were parked on the floor and open for touring.

I was glad I had taken the advice given by several online friends about what to take with me. They said, be sure to take a notebook and pen for notes; take pictures of the rigs you like, and start each set with the spec sheet so you know which pictures are what; and take lunch!

I took all that to heart and filled my little drawstring backpack with the teeny travelers notebook from my purse (I made the cover from RV themed duct tape so I thought it very appropriate), a couple of fully inked and checked fountain pens, and a tape measure. Along with those went a peanut butter sandwich, some chips, a granola bar, and a bottle of water I froze the night before so by the time I needed it, it was thawing and cold. Thus provisioned, I set forth.

Since my time was limited, I concentrated on class C RVs, the ones I think I want, in between the big Breaking-Bad class As and the conversion-van class Bs. As I went, I made notes on what I did and didn’t like.

Nearly all Cs have a bunk in the space over the driver’s compartment, or the bridge as I like to call it. When I came across one that had storage cabinets up there instead, I was thrilled! I took copious notes and lots of pictures.

A number of Cs have what’s called a wet bath, where the shower and toilet are in the same space. I really do not like that, so I made particular note of those that have dry baths, where the shower is separate.

Most Cs have a microwave, but most don’t also have a real oven. I feel pretty sure I couldn’t manage being on the road for a couple of weeks without being able to bake fish or biscuits or banana bread, so I also made note of those that have both. I also meandered through a couple of As; they felt like houses on wheels!

I think I mentioned before, I really think I want an all-in-one-motor home, and not a trailer. Trailers are cheaper, but you have to get out of your vehicle to get into it, and being a single girl on the road, I just suspect I’d feel safer. That said, I wandered over to the trailers and kind of fell in love with a little Gulf Stream with all the modern amenities, but built and designed to look like a vintage number from the 50s. Goes to show, you never can tell! (sorry for the condition of the picture, taken in haste)

Anyway, by the time I got home, mom was really looking forward to Valerie coming back this coming Wednesday. I’ve rescheduled my doctor’s appointment, and hope I can get lunch, not expensive, but at least someplace I can actually sit down and chew and swallow hot food.

I’m also hoping to do a little shopping for some beads. I’ve discovered there is such a thing as Methodist prayer beads and I want to make some! They are a Protestant version of the Catholic rosary. I have a rosary, that was a gift from a patient long ago; never used it, but it’s so pretty, and I can see the utility of having something to help you focus when praying. Besides, by now, y’all know how I am about making things. It’s my sanity maintenance!

Wish I could say mom has been better, or even stable, but really, no. She rarely knows who I am anymore, she constantly wants to go home even though she is, and she gets agitated very quickly when anybody contradicts her. Actually, the whole flipping on a dime thing just seems to be getting worse. The past couple of weeks, I can walk out of the room, walk back in 30 seconds later, and I’m somebody else. It’s quite unsettling. I have to put a lot of energy into guessing who I’m supposed to be at any given moment.

This is terrible to say, I guess, but her poor recall can be used to my advantage. Like the other day, she was insistent (and quite angry about it) that she took 30 blood pressure pills at a time. Needless to say, I would wrestle her to the ground rather than let that happen, but all I really had to do was not make a big deal of it, and wait a while. By the time for her next blood pressure pill, she had completely forgotten.

She gets agitated and angry more and more often though, so the time when I can’t take care of her safely anymore is coming. As I write, mom is on the phone with her doctor’s nurse saying how I lie to her all the time about her meds. Thank heavens they know what state she is in.

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