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Just a quick drive-by to say hello and share a couple of things! Did you watch the royal wedding last weekend? Yes, I did. Please, nobody start with me about how Bad Things A, B, C, & D are still going on and how dare people allow themselves to be brainwashed into spending several hours with fluff on the TV. (Although, if you are reading my blog, I’m pretty sure you aren’t the kind of person who would say that anyway.) I know bad things are going on. I also know what I’ve been living through for the past two years. And I know you have to have some down time. (see: weekend in Atlanta at pen show, days in the Smokies)

Anyhow, it was fun to watch. And then to crawl back into bed, hence the curlers and pj's. LOL

At the same time, though, I did have moments of sadness. Mom and I got up early to watch Princess Diana and Prince Charles marry, and years later, to watch Diana’s funeral. She just loved Diana, and collected memorabilia and books about her. Now, she doesn’t know who that is.

Friday, when I met with the team caring for mom at New Psych, I did ask if they had anything planned, a watch party or the like. So I hope maybe mom got to watch and maybe got some enjoyment out of it.

Today my uncle and I moved most of mom’s things out of her assisted living apartment. I brought them back home, until she is discharged from New Psych, and goes either to rehab for a while, or straight to long-term care. It’s the first time in over a month I’ve done a load of her laundry, and it felt familiar and strange.

I may get another little bit of down time soon! Uncle David and aunt Connie used to love to drive to Tunica, Mississippi, to gamble and relax. They haven’t done it much since they both retired, but they checked and found credits enough for two rooms at their favorite casino-hotel for two nights, that expire the end of this month. Why waste them? My aunt Peggy & I have been invited to go. Of course, as usual, there’s no sure thing until the time comes, but it would be fun!

You know how I don’t have to spend money to enjoy shopping? Same applies to casinos. I can put a few coins in a slot machine, or splurge on a couple of hands of blackjack, and be happy. Just give me a free cold drink and a comfy place to sit and people-watch, and I’m good.

One more note, about the poll I posted, asking for feedback on which novel I should work on next. The majority who voiced an opinion said go with the sci-fi murder mystery, which is the one I was leaning toward. (I love them both, but the country music horror story is…a bit disturbing. Well duh, it’s horror. I'm just not sure I'm up for diving back into that world right now.)

There were two things that caused me to pause. One was that the sci-fi was written several years ago, and so needs a little rewrite to bring it up to date (although the horror was too). The other was, I submitted the sci-fi to a publisher, who liked the idea, but hated a major plot turn late in the book! So I rewrote the last third or so, and they still didn’t take it. My worry was whether I still had the typed original version, which is the one I prefer. Otherwise, I was going to have to reconstruct it from the handwritten first draft…and, um, y’all remember when I posted a pic of the list I made preparing to move mom? Yeah. Well, imagine 80,000 words of that. 0_0 I’m not sure even I could read it myself anymore.

Well, thank heavens, I found the original typed, so right now I’m going through with a pencil and editing. Once I get the first chapter or two typed into Word, would y’all like to read it?

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