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Mom is doing better, according to the caregivers at New Psych. No seat belt for several days, and no need for shots of medicine to control agitation for nearly two weeks now. Place K has re-evaluated her, and it sounds like they feel she can come back to their rehab department for a couple of weeks of therapy, now that she’s not quite so agitated. Then, apparently, it’s long term care for her. My uncle and I cleaned out the little apartment at memory care. A bit annoying that we put so much effort into fixing up a cute little space to be just for her, and she only spent one night in it.

She called me from New Psych the other night. Not sure if she knew where she was, but she did know me! Maybe briefly, I don’t know, but I did hear someone in the background say something, and mom said “yes, my daughter answered”. Of course, she thought I was at Granny’s and made me promise to stay there so I wouldn’t be home alone. She also thought her sister was there with her and they were staying the night. I just don’t argue with her anymore, and I think the rest of the family has gotten the idea that all that does is upset her and them. It’s much better to go to her reality, because we can then come home to ours, where she can’t.

I wonder why when she was assessed for memory care (remember that? Does it seem like a million years ago to y’all, like it does to me? It was less than two months ago!) she seemed appropriate, but when she got there she only lasted literally hours before they decided they couldn’t handle her. Granted, she was having a good day that day, and an evaluation is only a snapshot, a moment in time, and it’s easier than you might think to be fooled by that. Believe me, I know this from professional experience.

Anyway, also from said professional experience, I have to say I agree with Place K. Mom needs more care than assisted living can provide, even the memory care section. So right now, as I write, I’m circling like a buzzard, just waiting. I’m still hoping to go to Tunica with the rest of the family (tomorrow! Yikes!) but I have to find out what New Psych and Place K’s plan is. I don’t know if they will move mom or if I am supposed to, or if I have to come sign more paperwork, or when any of this is projected to happen.

In other news, I’m almost done with the edit and first rewrite on the manuscript I mentioned last time. It does have a title, by the way: A Song for the Seacrossing. I hope that maybe by the time I get back to this blog, I will have a bit of it typed for your perusal. The opening sequence should be about the right length and introduce the main characters and their, uh, interesting situation.

Oh, and y’all know my first novel, King’s Game, the one with the Amazon sale button right over there? (points to right side of screen)? A lot of folks who have read it have asked if I would write more in that ‘verse. I always played it off, saying maybe and possibly. Now, though, I have to confess, that was because I had already written a sequel…but the handwritten sole draft went missing when I moved into my house. Yes, friends, I’ve been looking for nearly six years for that spiral notebook.

Well, when my uncle and I brought mom’s stuff back from Place K, we stowed it in my garage. He left and I went to close the garage door, but the motor just ground and did nothing. Lovely. Thank heavens there is a great repair business nearby. I called and they came over, helped me close the darn thing, and set me up for an appointment in just a couple of days.

What’s this got to do with writing? When the repair guy came, we had to move some boxes in the garage to give him room to work. I took advantage of the opportunity to clean a couple of them out. Ended up with four bags of stuff for Goodwill and THIS.

The repair man proved he was good folks by not freaking out when I suddenly started to shriek and dance clutching that notebook! (Yes, I explained, and he seemed pleased. And a bit impressed that I had written one book, let alone two, LOL) So Song for the Seacrossing will be next out of the gate, and then, the sequel to King’s Game: Blood of the Fireborn!

It needs some editing too, though. Most notably, when I originally wrote it, I fought six ways from Sunday to keep from having to kill off one character I really liked, but couldn’t find a way to make it work within the plot. Now, with some distance, I can think of at least three ways to save them. So doggonit, (name redacted) is NOT gonna die. (blows raspberries at villains)

Needless to say, I’m staying pretty busy, even though I can’t really dive into job hunting until I get mom resolved. Staying busy helps me not to worry about things, too. With two novels to work on, plus making baby stuff for family and things for other folks, plus gradually implementing a thorough cleaning of house, plus a bunch of other things I haven’t been able to do for months, it’s amazing how fast the day goes by. Reading, doing art, organizing my fountain pens, cleaning out closets, collecting totes of books to trade in at the used bookstore.

I even went to a movie. Y’ALL. I haven’t been to a movie in over six years! Haven’t even watched one at home in probably three. It’s a little embarrassing though; I didn’t realize just how interconnected all the Marvel comics movies are, so I blithely tromped off on a whim to see Avengers: Infinity War. Um, if you haven’t seen any of the previous ones, don’t do that. Trust.

Even with no background knowledge, though, it grabbed me hard enough that I’m working through the older ones now. At least I’ve got a year before part 2 comes out and the mother of allllll cliffhangers gets resolved. Wow, quite the rabbit hole I’ve fallen down! Thanks to cable, on-demand, and Netflix, I’ve watched five more MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) movies in the last two weeks.

In the course of that, I’ve crocheted a foot’s worth of baby blanket, developed a couple of girl crushes (Black Widow and Agent Carter, if you’re at all familiar with the MCU. I am delighted when I come upon multi-dimensional female characters who can also kick much ass in time of need) and fallen hard in fiction-love once besides those (heaven help me, it's with Tony Stark, aka Iron Man. What can I say, I’m a sucker for fragile bravado.)

Like I said, I’m staying busy. LOL.

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