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I wasn’t sure if I’d be going with my family on our little gambling mini-vacation, because as of the day before, mom was still at New Psych & I wasn’t able to get hold of people there or at Place K to get confirmation of the plan. I resigned myself to staying home and handling whatever came up alone for three days.

My aunts and uncle, however, did not. They put their collective feet down and insisted. They wanted me to come; the facilities could manage moving mom, or keep her for another day, and any papers that had to be signed could wait. Worse-case scenario, I could rent a car and drive the 3 ½ hours home. Lord knows I didn’t want to have to do that.

So I left messages for all and sundry (I mean, I had told them all the week before I was planning to be out of pocket those 3 days) and off we went. Sure enough, my phone rang en route, but both times it was basically good news. Place K confirmed they were going to take mom for rehab, and New Psych was working with them on transportation. Both messages ordered me to have a good time and not be concerned.

Well, I didn’t! be concerned, I mean. 😊

My uncle and aunt’s comps were at the Hollywood casino in Tunica. As the name implies, it’s movie themed and has a big collection of memorabilia like a lifeboat from Titanic, a camera crane from Gone with the Wind, a Batmobile, and tons more (like the car in this pic, from an Elvis movie. Full disclosure, I didn't take this photo. I'm still trying to remind myself I have a nice camera in my hands 24/7 in the form of my phone!) I spent an hour one day just wandering around looking at those. As far as staying occupied, I definitely did not have to spend all my time gambling, not to mention I couldn’t afford it.

Anyway, the rooms were nice, the staff was lovely, and the free cold drinks and coffee were welcome. I had planned to play a little poker and/or blackjack, but really hadn’t had time to brush up my games, so I just played a few slots and video poker. When I got bored, I people-watched, or sat down in the back seating area with a huge screen showing trailers from current movies, or crashed in the room and read (I like fanfic, & I’d found this massive and excellent fan novel joining the Winchesters of Supernatural with the Avengers, so I was inhaling chapters every chance I got).

The casino has a cute little grill with gigantic and tasty burgers. I got a free breakfast buffet thanks to aunt and uncle, and a half-price dinner in the high-rollers steakhouse thanks to them too (they know people, okay? LOL)

Now, as for winning, I didn’t do much. I didn’t lose much either, however. I think I came out $10 or $15 behind. BUT I found a nice little pocket knife on the casino floor next to a change machine, and there isn’t a lost and found (guess they figure nobody is going to go looking for their stuff?) so I kept it, and it’s probably worth $10 or $15, so I call it even. We had a wonderful time! I haven't gotten to vacation with family in decades, really, so it was great.

Just before we left, I finished editing Song for the Seacrossing, and as soon as I post this blog I’m going to start typing. I did the edit and first rewrite in pencil on the draft, so now I have to type it into the computer. Well, after I post this, and get my beer bread out of the oven. Once again, I tried a beer, didn’t like it, and turned it into a loaf of bread. It’s honey wheat, which sounds like it should make yummy bread. I’ll let y’all know.

And tomorrow, I’m heading for Place K, to take mom her tennis shoes for exercising, and some other things she may need. We’ll see if she knows me or not.

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