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life is boring. I love it.

Nothing really exciting to write about this go-round; I just thought I should toss up a brief post to say hi. I am rediscovering something I had almost forgotten the feeling of…boredom! Okay, I’m not really bored. It’s more like, every now and then, I find myself stopping and going ‘all right, everything on my to-do list is done’ and I have to think about, what shall I do now? Not as if I’m actually short on things to do! When the list of ‘this has to be done right NOW’ gets caught up, though, I have time to pause and think about which direction to go next.

Sometimes, perish the thought, there are things that I don’t particularly want to do at that moment in time. On a warm afternoon when the garage is hot, I don’t really want to go out there and clean, even though it needs to be done. Thankfully, I have the option right now to not do that if I don’t want to. I have the option to try new things! If I want to watch one of the few Marvel movies I haven’t seen yet, or figure out how to get youtube videos to play on my TV, or discover new kinds of music (like gqom, which is an African version of house music and is very cool), I can do those! Once I go back to work, I won’t have the precious minutes to play like this, so I intend to take full advantage of it (and try not to feel guilty).

Song for the Seacrossing is done, by the way! It is out being reviewed by my dear cousin/editor. I think it turned out well in its updated form, and I’m very proud of it. one thing I do need to do that I haven’t yet is one last proofreading pass, on the hard copy. I don’t care how many times I read over something on the computer screen, when I print it out, typos just start to leap out! So my next step is to sit down with the printed pages and a red pencil. My aunt blew through the last 3 chapters plus epilogue in just a couple of hours the other night. Those are the one I told you that are like the downhill plummet of the roller coaster. I adore the breathless way they fly!

My brain is taking a small break now, generating nothing more challenging than fanfic. Though that is great fun, especially when characters start to tell me their plans. LOL. I’m also reading a bunch of fic. The ones that score with me amuse, touch, and sometimes arouse me, all at the same time. The really good writers out there can do that. I really enjoy AU, or alternate universe, fic, where a writer takes familiar characters and plops them into a totally different setting. If the author can keep the characters true to themselves, it’s amazing to watch how they navigate in another place. It usually starts from a simple ‘what if’, which is where all good stories start anyway. In the case of an AU, that what-if is something like ‘what if the Winchester brothers from Supernatural were spies instead of monster hunters’, or ‘what if Marvel’s Avengers had wings, or were werewolves, or were teenage students at Hogwarts’. It can go totally insane, or be breathtaking. I like that.

Giving more serious thought to a weekend at Dragon Con, the end of this month. I’ve never been to a large con, as I think I said before. I’ve been hesitant about the cost, although it’s not crazy expensive, since I’m not working full time yet (though I have landed some more freelance writing work, and am doing some web site reviewing as well). The other night, though, I thought about the summer of 1998, when I got an opportunity to study in Ireland. I was about to turn it down, because cost. My parents were both children of the Depression, and my daddy in particular knew how to squeeze a nickel till the buffalo pooped. LOL. So it frankly shocked me when they both insisted I should go! They said the older I got, the less likely it was that I would get this kind of chance, and if I didn’t take it, I would regret it. Boy, am I glad I listened to them. it was one of the best experiences of my life! and yes, if I hadn’t gone, I would have regretted it for the rest of my life.

Now, a con is a yearly thing, but still, this time next year, I may not be in a position where I can go out of town for 4 days. Mom is doing well and very stable, and my family can stay in touch for her and feed the cats. So, yeah, maybe I’m rationalizing, but I’m trying to train myself out of feeling guilty about every last thing! (Besides, I found a great hotel in a nice suburb, where my whole stay will cost about what one night in an ‘official’ con hotel downtown costs! And it’s within walking distance of a train station, so no messing around with driving once I get there. Ha!)

One more important thing. Shoes! Did I mention I’ve lost almost 20 pounds? (this is relevant, I promise) That enabled me to buy some nice fitting jeans and pedal pushers. The latter are what I would wear most of the time at the con since I don’t intend to cosplay. Problem is, sneakers are most comfy for walking, but wearing them with pedal pushers makes my legs look like 6 inches long. I have long legs, dang it! They are one of my very few good features! I do not intend to mess them up.

So, shoes. Something comfy but sandal-y. Sport sandals, or hiking sandals, as they are called, seem to fit the bill. Off to our biggest mall I went, giving myself permission to buy shoes (not too expensive though). After 2 ½ hours, hiking the complete circuit of the place, I ended up…back at the first store I stopped at, looking at the first shoes I tried on. LOLOL! Isn’t that always the way?

Thing is, I liked both these colors. The cut of the straps was great for my mutant toe. (Have I told y’all about my mutant toe? Searching my blog file…oh! No, I haven’t. Filing that away for next time!) They are well padded too, and super comfortable. I even put this pic up on my facebook and asked for feedback. Unfortunately, the input was almost evenly split, and then there were those people who said get both. I’m cheap, y’all, remember? I could not force myself to do that. My conclusion was, buy one, wear it, and if it is as awesome as it seems, go back. if the other one is still there in my size, it’s meant to be.

I bought the blue ones. Loved them. Went back. Gold ones were still there. Bought them too. I’m so bad.

My life is boring. I love it.

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