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Once again, I’m late in updating. I guess I could say that is partly because there’s not much going on, which sounds totally counterintuitive, doesn’t it?

For the past couple of weeks, I haven’t gotten out much. A lot of activities involve spending money, and I’m trying not to do that more than I have to. Also, I’m more of a homebody than people know. it’s ironic, isn’t it, that now that I can go anywhere I want to anytime I want to, I want to do things at home? I think it’s really the knowledge, the principle; I CAN go whenever I want to, but I CAN spend the morning cleaning, or trimming the ivy on the outside of my house, or whatever. The fact that I’m home reading or yarning or writing is because it’s what I choose to do that day.

Anyhow! I’m cheap, so I stay home and do things and eat leftovers. LOL.

One reason I’m trying to be thrifty is that I finally took the leap and made my hotel reservation and bought my pass. I am going to Atlanta over Labor Day weekend for Dragon Con! Since, as I said last time, I’ve never gotten to go to a big con before, this will be a new and exciting experience. I’m watching pennies because I’m hoping to do some Christmas shopping while I’m there, since I have friends and family who have relevant interests. And hey, I might treat myself too. Black Phoenix has a booth there, so I’ll get to meet folks I’ve only interacted with online for close to a decade! (and smell lots of good stuff too, hehe)

I’m still doing some freelance writing. The last couple of articles I turned in bounced right back to me. That is either very good (we love this, it’s great, we will take it) or not so much (this is a good start but x, y, and z need to be tweaked). In both cases, it was the first! (insert satisfied smile here) I’ve also done some web site reviewing, so that keeps me busy, along with a final read-through on Song for the Seacrossing. Still waiting for feedback from my editor though.

My fic writing has blown up! The little story idea I had has expanded into a series. I’m projecting that, if all goes as I hope, it will run 8 or 9 stories long. I just finished the first one, and it’s getting some good comments. That’s another good thing about fic; writers need feedback, and nowadays, with internet archives to post your stuff in, you can get feedback right away.

Even less than glowing feedback is helpful. I posted a question on another board where I belong, and got a lot of replies, some of which were kind of sharp and opinionated. At first, it made me want to curl up and hide. I know, I know. My parents always scolded me for not being able to take criticism. It’s not so much that, as I take it way too much to heart. I want to do things right the first time. I don’t mind good constructive criticism, I really don’t; but sometimes, it just feels too personally aimed, and I don’t like feeling like I’ve done my best and just constantly get slammed. (In fact, I was thinking about this, and it occurred to me that this may be one reason that when I got into the MCU movies, I kind of lost my heart to the character of Tony Stark; he’s in that same place.)

Once I got past that, though, it made me start to think, and I started to use the comments as a new lens to look at where my stories were going. Fanfic as a rule is focused on the characters in the verse you are playing in, but as a writer, I want my original characters to hold the stage! So I began to tweak things so that I could balance the two, showcasing the canon characters (canon is the term for the ‘official’ stuff in a verse) but keeping my main character’s voice and point of view, and her journey, at the fore. More good practice, like I said before. 😊 Plus, I just got my muse back, and I will not let it go again, not for anything, no siree bob.

Enough of that. I’ll finish with yarn. When I made the decision to go to Dragon Con, I joined several online groups to learn more about the event. One group is called Swag and Swap, and the members bring small gifts, mostly handmade, to leave in the halls and hotels of the con for folks to find, or give them away, or swap with other members. They are great stuff! One gal has made pendants with a lovely pattern that I’m told is the old carpet design from one of the con hotels, which apparently is very close to the hearts of long-time con-goers. One guy has a 3d printer and has made bunches of teeny plastic time machines and robot dogs and such.

Me, I don’t do 3d printing, but I do yarn. At about this same time, I discovered these adorable tiny Japanese rubber figures called tsum tsum. They look like little bugs with four feet, but can be designed to look like anything from My Little Ponies to Disney princesses. And YES, there is a basic crochet pattern to make them. I tried a couple, posted them on the group, and everybody lost their minds! So, since I don’t have any pressing projects going on right now along those lines, I plan to make as many as I can in the next couple of weeks, tag them, and hand them out!

Here are several I put together from that basic pattern, tweaking each one to get a different character. These are Eeyore, Dumbo, and Piglet.

I told the group members I should be easy to find at the con. I’m planning to walk around with this little guy sitting on my shoulder riding shotgun.

Yep. (blushes) It’s a tiny Tony Stark, in his Iron Man suit, that I crocheted. He’s my writing assistant and computer guru. Idle hands, and all that.

I can get a little obsessive sometimes. Honestly though, I’ve decided, I think it’s just that I got into this new fandom at about the same time I was getting out of the all-consuming nightmare that caregiving had become, so my brain associates it so much with being happy and free for the first time in way too long. That’s my story, anyway, and I’m sticking to it. LOL

So, yeah. A friend invited me to a party Saturday night, and I may just go. Con coming up. IMAX film festival in a few weeks. Exploring job options, and maybe even new educational options. Visiting mom, when I don’t feel like I’m going to agitate her. I get out, when I want to.

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