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finally the mutant toe story

Time for a quick update before I start packing for the con! Things are going well overall, with no major excitement.

Mom is doing fine. About once a week, the nurses call to tell me she’s gotten irritated and isn’t getting enough attention so puts herself in the floor. Sometimes, if they have just watched her do it, they are actually laughing when they call. It is pretty funny to watch, I admit. They have to call me because technically, it is a fall, even though it isn’t. I’m glad they do, though. More bothersome are the couple of occasions when she’s gotten agitated and been located wandering around the floor, in and out of other residents’ rooms, trying to ‘take care’ of them. The staff can manage that all right, though. One time they did have to get my permission to give her an extra dose of medicine to help calm her down, which was fine with me. They have her now, so they know more about what she is doing than I do, just being there periodically.

In sorting through and pitching junk mail several weeks ago, I found a sweet deal on a subscription to the Smithsonian magazine. Since I’m a geek, I took them up on it. It’s a really cool publication, science and history all rolled up together, and it’s physically impossible for me to feel that I have too much to read. Except when I’m writing and crafting and keeping house too. LOL

The Dragon Con swap group is meeting Thursday afternoon. I can’t wait to meet some of the fun folks I’ve gotten to know online the past weeks. After I made a bunch of the little crocheted tsum tsum dolls (the ones I showed y’all last time) I went around the house and found some little things I’d made but wasn’t really using. They were mostly patterns I’d wanted to try, gifts that never got given for whatever reason, and the like. A couple were these teeny Japanese anime octopuses called takochu.

They are so smol and cute! (sorry, I couldn’t resist putting it that way. ‘Smol’ is kind of an internet joke, if you’ve never run upon it, a spelling of ‘small’ that specifically carries the connotation of adorable-ness: a little child, a baby bird, that sort of thing.)

Anyway, I made some more of them to take and swap. I’m trying to think of any other patterns I have that I could whack out a few more of, at the last minute. If I don’t give them all away at the meetup, they will be secreted around the con grounds, with appropriate tags so the cleaning crews, bless them, don’t think they are trash.

My co-pilot is ready to go too.

I figured out how to attach tiny Tony to my shoulder so he won’t flop around or fall off, as long as my bra stays in place, which I plan for it to. :D And I broke in my walking sandals on a couple of mall jaunts and a flea market raid yesterday.

Oh! I was going to tell y’all about my mutant toe. Remember I said I really liked these sandals because I have a weird toe that doesn’t play nicely with some shoes? Here’s why.

Yeah. Like I said, weird. It’s always been that way. When I was a kid I used to tell people I thought God got distracted when he was almost finished with me, and He got my last two toes reversed. LOL. It does kinda look like that, doesn’t it? I didn’t know until a few months ago that it has a name, Brachymetatarsia. Apparently, it is more common in females, and most common in the fourth toe, like mine. Isn’t that bizarre? Even though it appears in childhood, it’s not a birth defect, but a condition where that toe bone stops growing too early. As it happens, my right leg is also a bit shorter than my left, although I haven’t found any indications that the two are known to be linked. It can be repaired by surgery, but I’ve always heard scary things about foot surgery in particular, and if it’s not bothering me, I see no need to mess with it.

You can see why the sandals I bought appealed to me though, right? The way the straps are cut and wrap around the outside of my foot, they cover and protect the mutant, but don’t leave spaces for it to stick through. Believe you me, that smarts when it happens!

So, my feet, my swag, my co-pilot and I are about ready to hit the trail. The con schedule is mind-blowing! It’s not just autograph sessions with celebs and discussion panels. There are classes on everything from watercolor painting to belly dancing to self-defense, live music most all days, tons of vendors, parties (lots of parties), and a parade. Insane, I tell ya. If I survive, next post will share some of my adventures. (waves)

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