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trees, squees, and pains

October! Time for fall, cool breezes, changing leaves, football, and pumpkin spicing all the things.

Except around here where it’s still 80 degrees. (That picture was taken a couple of years ago.) It did get cool and rainy for half a day last week, so I got to break out a lovely plaid flannel I found at Goodwill and gave a loving home to, for like, three hours, before it got hot again and I had to take it off. LOL. Fortunately, it was open over a cute babydoll t-shirt that is still a little too tight for me to wear alone (need to lose a few more pounds, argh) so, no flashing anybody.

We are having issues with mom’s nosebleeds, and, sadly, with Place K. Well, to be honest, I don’t think it’s an issue with the facility. It’s just more like, missed communication, which happens, and which I have to be sure to stay on top of. If anybody ought to know how crazy working in a place like that is, it ought to be me, am I right?

Anyway, here’s what went down. Last Thursday I took mom back to the ENT to check her nose. She had another good time with me; I showed her pictures of my expectant cousin, and pictures I took at her baby shower, and she enjoyed it. Better yet, the doctor said her nose was healing beautifully where he had cauterized it.

Before we left for the appointment, I caught the nurse on duty and asked if mom had had any more bleeds since the cautery. She said not to her knowledge, and added that she had talked to the night nurse who said the same. Mom’s tech, who is a freakin’ saint, said mom had had a couple of small leaks, but not enough to concern her.

Fine, good, great. Except I got her back to the facility, got back across town, and went to run my errands, only to start getting frantic calls from ENT. I called them back & their nurse said she had called Place K & been informed mom had had three major nosebleeds since our last office visit.

Um, what? The people who call me every time she gets bent out of shape and sits down in the floor to pout did not call me for THREE major bleeds? Honest to gosh, y’all, I halfway thought maybe whoever the ENT nurse talked to was confused and thinking of the original batch of bleeds that sent us to the doctor to being with. No, apparently not.

Top that off, Friday morning, I did get a call from Place K, informing me mom had woke up with a terrible nosebleed. Of course, by the time they called me, and told me I had to make this appointment myself, and I called the ENT, their office had closed for the weekend. Grrr.

So. The original cautery didn’t solve the problem. I kinda thought it wouldn’t. An ER doc had told me, long ago, that a blood vessel way in the back of the nasopharynx, the area behind the nose that becomes the back of your throat as it goes down your neck, often weakens as people get older. This doc felt that was mom’s problem. I shared that intel with this ENT, but he wanted to try fixing the weak spot in the front of her nose first. Since that didn’t work, he will probably have to take her across the street to the hospital and do an outpatient procedure on that larger rear vein.

In short, massive pain in the butt, for me, but mostly for her. I feel bad, but since she doesn’t remember much, maybe it’ll be all right.

Okay! Enough griping. How about something fun?

One of, if not my single most, favorite things about social media is the ability to connect with people in the public realm. The fact that I can read a book, love it, go hunt up with author on twitter and go ‘hey, I just finished reading X and it was great! I really liked a, b, and c about it’. And get a reply! How awesome is that? Sometimes I even end up with a new acquaintance out of the deal.

Books are the main area in which I flail in joy when I get a reply, but not the only one. It’s happened often enough that I have an irregular running feature on my facebook page. I call it ‘Twitter Fangirl Says SQUEE’. I amuse people by sharing replies or likes I’ve gotten on posts and tweets, and being all excited about them, because let’s face it, I’m easily entertained. hehe. A like or a short response from somebody like writer Neil Gaiman, or Serena Williams or William Shatner, is more than enough to make my day, especially if the day has been a challenging one.

I got a shot this past week. A couple of days ago, singer, writer, and ukulele queen Amanda Palmer tweeted encouraging folks to go do something creative just for fun and recharging of batteries. I replied that I’m only writing crazy fanfic, but since I haven’t been able to write at all for several years, I was inordinately happy about it and would not stop. She liked the tweet. Like I said, easily entertained.

After giving it some thought, I’ve concluded it’s not so much the idea of getting attention that I like when a like or a reply like this appears. What I feel in those moments is very akin to what I feel when somebody I don’t already know reads a story I wrote, and comments that they like it. For that matter, when I gave away those teeny crocheted critters at Dragon Con, it was the same thing over again. I just love the idea that something I create made another person smile, or get involved, or feel, even if just for a moment. When the person in question is somebody whose creations I in turn admire and appreciate, it’s just—it’s a perfect storm of delight for me!

Thus, yes, I will continue to squee, in an understated Nashvillian sort of way; because native Nashvilllians don’t freak out over people. :D

Oops. I lied again. Dragon Con stories next time, I promise! (yeah, right Lisa, right…)

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