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Sorry it’s been a little while since my last post. Time sneaks away sometimes, especially when you are busy. I wasn’t concerned, until friends began to post on my facebook going ‘hey, where is your blog? I miss it!’. Honestly, I had no idea people were so interested in my now quite boring life! :D It made me feel good to know it though. I do appreciate it.

Anyway, as I say, nothing much exciting going on the past couple of weeks. Fall is secret pal swap time, as I mentioned last week. I made a couple of goodies for my Switch Witchee, which were received with great joy, and sent a box full of random thingies to my Claudio Sanchez swap partner. As Claudio goes, I of course got a box of random thingies too, nearly all of which were wonderful!

Among them were a fold-up shopping bag with a pocket/case made of the lovely South American ikat fabric; two pieces of original art; carved soapstone elephants; a cool leather pencil case full of drawing supplies (now, if only I could actually draw); some glorious Wollmeise sock yarn (seriously y’all, it is some of the best in the world, and I do not keed!) and this adorable string of lights shaped like tiny white cats!

I got an idea—I think this year instead of the string of teeny knitted stockings I made to hang along my stairs, I’m going to hang the cats instead. They run on a small battery pack which will be easy to secure with a strip of duct tape out of the way. They need dressing up though, so…

Yep. I made them all tiny red scarves for the winter. hehe

Still awaiting a box from my own Switch Witch; stay tuned, these gals generally do give good box. LOLOL.

The fandom charity auction went superbly! My three donated items raised nearly $100 for good causes. The high bidder on the earrings asked for Captain America’s shield, and I think they turned out terrific!

They are on their way to her right now. The high bidder on the fingerless gloves asked for a depiction in yarn of the Infinity Gauntlet (if you saw Avengers Infinity War, you know what I mean). I’m waiting for her hand measurements, so as to fit her properly, and I’ll post a pic when those are done. I think they will look very cool, with little crocheted Infinity Stones attached.

The high bidder on the crocheted doll I offered is a fanfic writer, and she actually bid on my item because she had seen me comment on a novel-length story she just finished posting, and she really wanted me to make a doll of one of the characters from the story! (It’s a great story. I swear, some fanfic writers out there turn out stuff better by far than a lot of published folks.) Anyway, I think he’s going to be adorable, and I will post a pic when he is done.

Speaking of fic-inspired crafts, I am actually taking the plunge and casting on a sweater. I haven’t knitted anything that size in eons, but some years ago, I did knit a hoodie using this pattern. It turned out too big and I ended up giving it away to a co-worker, I think. a few weeks ago, though, I read a short story which involved the main character and his sweetheart swapping a snuggly oversized hoodie back and forth, and it made me wish I had that old one back. That not being an option, I dug out the pattern and went yarn hunting.

Every fall in Murfreesboro, there’s a big fiber fest. Several building fill with knitters, crocheters, spinners, weavers, dyers, and more. I haven’t been able to go in a long time, because mom, but this year, yep, I made it! wandered all around, watched sheep shearing, petted alpacas (they call alpaca poor man’s cashmere. PPPFFFTTH. Keep your cashmere, give me alpaca, it is DA BOMB. Soooo soft. And as I discovered, it’s that soft even when it’s still on the alpaca in question!) An elderly Russian lady showed off quivut, a fiber that comes off musk oxen, and explained how she spun it into yarn almost as fine as sewing thread (I’m serious y’all) and then knitted it into the most incredible lacy shawl that literally floated on air when she held it up. It’s enough to bring you to tears.

Well, I didn’t buy any of it, or anything else there. When you need 1000 yards of yarn to knit a sweater (okay, not quite that much, but you get my drift) you can’t afford stuff that costs $30 for a ball of one or two hundred yards. However, a craft store in town happened to be having a sale, and I scored some gorgeous stuff in a colorway called Peacock; shades of blues and greens and purples and teals. Half the hoodie sleeve is done, and the rest is taking a little nap while I get all my other projects finished. Stay tuned and I will post a pic next time!

As I said last time, this season of the year seems to lend itself to lots of creating. With cooler weather, I cook and bake more. Beer bread, anyone? (it’s great with beef stew on a cool rainy night) The family is getting together for Thanksgiving this weekend, so tomorrow I’ll be making a huge casserole dish full of sweet potatoes. It’s traditionally what mom always contributed to holiday meals. In fact, my cousin Rudy has been known to declare it isn’t really a holiday until Aunt Ann burns the marshmallows. Sorry cuz, not planning to burn the marshmallows this year.

I’m also crocheting a vest for my aunt, and just finished knitting some fingerless gloves for a guy who works at my local grocery. He’s so nice and helpful, and we always stop to say hi when we see each other. This week has been so chilly, I wore my fingerless yesterday when I ran in to grab a few items. He had remarked on them before, but this time he asked, mostly kidding I’m sure, when I was going to make him some. I didn’t bat an eye, just came right back with ‘hold your hand up, let me see, okay your hand’s not much bigger than mine, so this pattern should work fine, what color do you want, oh you want grey? Cool, I have a big ball of that, hope to bring them next time I see you’. Haha! Is he going to be surprised. Two recorded talk shows later, plus one podcast, and they are done.

(btw, the podcast is called Bag Man; it’s a historical mini-series about scandal in the Nixon White House and it is just fascinating. I remember a bit of it, but being a kid at the time, I didn’t get all the juicy stuff being covered here! Highly recommend.)

Place K sent me a flyer the other day about a ‘pie night’ they are having next week. It seems to be an occasion for families to come to the facility and spend some time with their loved ones, without having to upend regular family functions on Thanksgiving or the prep before. Sounds good, and I will try to go. I need to take mom a few more warm items of clothing for the winter, her coat, et cetera. Granted, she doesn’t get out much, but sometimes residents do roll out onto the fenced patio on sunny days to get fresh air, so she will need it. Oh! I’ve got to find her a wreath for her door too. I’m pretty sure I have an extra one in the loft. (Most people have an attic; I have a loft. A hidden door in my closet walks right out into a spacious storage area, and no climbing ladders or such. LOVE it.)

Next post, the end of fall, and starting the slide toward winter!

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