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happy holidays to all!

Holidays got me again. Hope you all have had a great December! The weather here in Tennessee on the whole has been pretty good; slightly overcast and gunky, but the temperatures have been tolerable, if not downright pleasant at times. Preparations for Christmas and sending of wishes for good holidays to all and sundry have continued.

The week before Christmas, I took mom her presents and some other goodies: my homemade peanut butter fudge that she has always loved, and several Christmas cards she got at my home address. I bought her a couple of flannel shirts. She’s always loved big, soft, warm tops, and she’s gotten so she doesn’t like things that go on over her head. She prefers things that button up the front. Anyway, she really liked them, and I even remembered to take a couple of extra hangers to hang them up in her closet (I’m so proud of myself, lol). I took her some more of her warm clothing, even though she isn’t getting out much; on mild days, the staff often takes folks out to sit on one of the enclosed patios scattered around the grounds.

Place K, I always said when I worked there, is like a small town. It has a subdivision (several little streets lined with single-size homes, that are rented out to elders who are very independent but like to have access to services like repairs and grass-cutting and such); a high-rise apartment tower, several cafeterias, several gift/sundry shops, several hairdressers, a pool, a movie theater, a park, and at least 2 game rooms! The best part, though, is the staff. There are amazing people who work there. I make sure to let them know I feel that way, on a regular basis, and especially this time of year. When I took mom’s goodies, I took them a nice package of fudge to stash at the nurses’ station and share. The head nurse had already dove into it by the time we left.

I said ‘we’ because aunt Peggy went with me. Understandably, she has a harder time of it in some ways than even I do. Mom lived with me, and I saw her slowly decline, before that falling-off-the-cliff moment in the summer of 2016. Aunt Peggy always dreamed of retiring and doing fun things with her sister, and now, well, she really doesn’t have her sister anymore. She held up fine, though. She had been going through bunches of old photographs, and rather than take the fragile originals to Place K to show them to mom, she took pictures of them with her phone and showed them. Mom isn’t always sure who we are or what our exact connection to her is, but when she saw a sixty-year-old photo of her older brother, she recognized that immediately. That was moving.

With mom squared away, Christmas continued apace! The Sunday before, the family gathered to eat, and eat, and eat. I took the presents I had, 90 percent of which were either hand made or came from a sneaky discount store I love that has name brands for a fraction. When you are watching pennies, you prize places like that! All were welcomed, though; and for a change, I got some presents I didn’t have to go buy myself! A fountain pen case, a cute t-shirt, a lovely tote bag, a gift card for a mani/pedi, and…

This. Yes, if you follow my facebook, you’ve seen this already. Back in the fall I got a giggle when Robert Downey Jr. posted it on his facebook, I shared it to mine for the laughs; then aunt Peggy saw it and decided I needed it. She stays with me three nights a week, and she likes her coffee. Until mom moved out, I had next to no time to make coffee; or rather, I had time to make coffee, or I had time to drink coffee, but not both. So I’ve only used my teeny single serving French press. But with time to both make and drink it now, plus aunt needing hers, the filter tore, and the size was just inadequate. I planned after Christmas to get myself a nice little k-cup brewer at Wal-Mart for like twenty bucks, until this critter landed under my tree!

Thus far, it works flawlessly. I’ve made coffee and tea, both of which turned out eminently drinkable, and nice and hot. My kitchen is all neutrals, whites and beige and sage green, farmhouse-style, and I love it; but this uber-modern beastie fits surprisingly well. The paint job is the most gorgeous rich almost-metallic hot rod red, and the pop of color really livens the room up. (I admit, I do wish the eyes lit up while it brews, hehe)

Last thing for now—I promised to share the newcomer to the family. My cousins Rudy and Malia welcomed their new baby girl Mavin the first of this month. She is just adorable, with lots of hair and alert eyes. Needless to say, her nanny loves her very much.

Her first Christmas morning!

I don’t know if I’ll get another blog up before New Year’s. I hope so, because I had the most fun dream the other night, and I’d like to ask y’all’s feedback. It’s given me…ideas, oh so many ideas. LOLOL

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