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I actually have an excuse this time

For not having blogged in a while, I mean; something other than 'knitting ate my brain' or 'I was binge reading fanfic'. Last week, my laptop informed me it had updates to install. I set it to do so, as I usually do, and after that, its usual cranky nature went batcrap crazy. It restarted itself at least a dozen times, and ultimately locked me out altogether. A couple of times in the past, it’s acted a fool after updating, and I ended up having to just go in and uninstall the updates and set it back the way it was. Alas, this time, it had figured out my game, and wouldn’t even let me in. it kept asking for an ‘other user password’ which does not exist.

After fighting with it for at least an hour and a half, thoroughly freaking out, and being very annoyed, I gave up and went to bed. In the morning, I steeled myself for having to buy a new laptop. Thank heavens, I back up my hard drive regularly, and while the files are a bit differently organized, it still has all the info I kept on the computer plus some. Before I caved, though, I carried it to the amazing little old Kurdish man who runs the computer repair shop on the corner up from my house. I think I’ve mentioned him, long ago. He fiddled with it, listened to my description, and wondered if somebody had tried to hack into my system, either to steal files or lock me out and hold my files hostage. HA, take that, any dumbass would-be file-napper. All anybody would have gotten was craft patterns and sexy superhero photos. Hehe

Anyway, he promised to work it over and figure something out, so I left it and went to run errands. Barely an hour later he called me and said my system appeared clean and uncorrupted, but the only way he could find to get into it was to delete the whole thing and start over. Which is a pain in the butt, but $40 for repairs is light years better than $400 for a new computer that I’d still have to set up from scratch again anyhow. So, that’s where a good chunk of the past week went, having to reinstall programs and copy all my files back over from the backup drive and sort through them. I seem to be up and going again, though, and actually the laptop is working faster and better than it did. Yay!

Sourdough bread experiments have gone gloriously. I followed the very basic directions in an old cookbook, and got two lovely and yummy loaves that aunt Peggy and I wiped out in short order. Since then I’ve done two more batches; on the most recent one, I got brave and added some rosemary (aunt Peggy wanted garlic, but turns out garlic can keep it from rising, so, just garlic butter after the fact)

It’s an incredibly fun thing to do. I find I really enjoy kneading it and watching it rise, and getting the finished product is so satisfying. Maybe I’ll put out feelers about a job as a baker. LOL.

Still making progress on the writing and sweater knitting, although the latter got slightly sidelined by another crafty discovery. I belong to a couple of cross-stitch groups online, and the latest Big Thing is these pleather bags from Target, that are perforated in exactly the right way to do cross-stitch on. As usual, I’m late to the party, but I found a tote bag and have been applying some small motifs sent to me by a friend on tumblr. Pix next time, I hope! I’m trying to get it finished in time to carry it to the fountain pen show in Atlanta.

Speaking of which, I connected with a dear old friend from my high school days who lives down there now, and we are going to get together while I’m there. I can’t wait! Aunt Peggy will be here to hold the fort down and feed the cats, and I have to admit it’s going to be strange and nice not to have to dip my hand into my purse every few minutes to be sure I didn’t miss a call.

I’ve almost gotten all of mom’s last things settled. Her insurance has sent me the small refund they owe me, I sent social security the paperwork they need to close her file with them, I ordered her marker. I’m starting to clean her things out—tomorrow, in fact, I’m taking some diapers and chucks I found in her closet to McKendree, who will be glad to take them, and I’ll probably take them some of her clothes too. Aunt Peggy is taking some and others will find homes with other family. My bff asked for mom’s shower chair, and I’m super glad; she can use it for her mom, I think.

I got a bit emotional going through mom’s nightstand drawers, when I found several little things that had some meaning. There were some Joe Montana football cards I got her long ago, back when she had a small crush on him J the class ring my dad had custom made for her not long before he passed away, a little stash of dollar bills (I think they were the last of the small nest egg we found in the trunk of daddy’s car after he passed. That was his piggy bank!) and oddly, my class schedule and grade report from my first semester in grad school.

It made me feel bad, looking at those in particular, that I’m not out there slinging speech therapy again. Even though I feel burnt out on it, and I don’t like the thought of going back to it, I feel like I’m disrespecting the work my parents put in to send me to college, by not using it. I guess I could force myself back in, if I had to. Thing is, after less than 3 years out of the field, nobody seems interested in hiring me. I have reached out, just to find out, and that’s what I found. Hence why I’d just as soon find another path.

People insist I shouldn’t be stressing about it just yet. I do have enough money in the bank to manage on my typically frugal lifestyle for right now, and apparently, making major life decisions a few weeks after losing one’s last parent is not generally felt to be a wise move? Huh.

Well, I plan to continue to blog semi-regularly, so stay tuned if you want to listen to me meander through the remainder of my life. I’ll try to get a small update posted before the pen show, and one after. Oh, I was going to review Captain Marvel, wasn’t I? it was quite good. Details next time. Also, new cat news, and I learn to make slime.

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