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nothing ever goes as planned

So, like the song says, nothing ever goes as planned. I’ve been looking forward to the weekend run to Atlanta for the pen show, but a couple of days ago, I was pretty sure it was going to have to be cancelled. Aunt Peggy got food poisoning. We weren’t sure at first that was what was going on; it could have been a stomach virus, but in the long run, food poisoning was probably the better option. Not contagious, and all that. Her kids both have a ton on their plates, and she was staying with me when it happened, so I found myself hurled back into caregiver mode with a quickness. Fortunately, it seems to be like riding a horse; once you learn it, you never really unlearn it. Also fortunately, after a day of rest and broth, and another day of a little activity and a little solid food, she seems to be rallying. I offered to cancel and stay home to help her, but as is her usual mode, she would not hear of such. Thus, I’m packing! Doesn’t take much for a weekend, especially since I’m familiar enough with the area to know there’s a grocery and a drugstore within easy walking distance if I forget something.

I still love to travel, but it does feel a bit different now than it did back in the day. When I was working and caring for my parents, a trip, whatever the reason, was an escape. One time, the company I worked for scheduled a weekend training at a hotel just outside town. I was a little stressed out, so…I told my parents the training was out of town—not far, just another town an hour or so away, where I had actually gone for another course. I spent two nights to myself in a quiet hotel room between training sessions, not having to worry about pleasing anybody but myself, and it was invaluable downtime.

Now I don’t have anything I feel I have to escape from anymore. I still love to travel, though. The better part of three days fondling pretty fountain pens, meeting up with online knitting buddies and an old friend from high school (who’s been moving all week and says she is really looking forward to talking to somebody other than her husband about something other than moving, LOL) and just generally chilling, is going to be nice. I think I’m still processing mom’s passing, and the first trip of any length where I don’t have to have that umbilical cord of the cell phone constantly at hand, where I don’t have that constant awareness in the back of my head of wondering and low-grade worry, is going to be interesting.

In other totally random news: There’s a black cat who has visited my yard periodically. I suspect he is Junebug’s daddy; she and Big Mama tolerate him. Mom and I called him the Bandit, when we spotted him. Lately, whether his putative owners have moved, or he doesn’t really have any humans, he’s taken to hanging around here more. He has good manners, sitting politely when I come outside, but he is mouthy, with the loudest meow I’ve heard from any cat that isn’t a Siamese. (When I mentioned this in an online conversation, somebody commented that many black cats are part Siamese, which could explain part of that.) He even lets me pet him now, and of course, he asks for food.

After a few times of this happening, I gave in and got him his own bowl. Do three semi-owned cats make me a crazy cat lady?

A story I was reading mentioned making slime. Any of you all who have kids have probably done it. I thought I’d give it a try, but the first experiment didn’t gel (pardon the pun). I had to get some liquid starch, but then I got some sparkly lavender slime. Sad to say, my idea of having it around to play with while pondering writing plot twists didn’t quite pan out. Too much glitter all over the place, too sticky to fidget with and immediately go back to the keyboard, too smelly. Maybe I’ll try when Wal-Mart gets some more glow-in-the-dark glue in stock; no glitter, but unusual enough to be fun. I know, I’m a great big dork. Proud of it, too.

The cross-stitched Target tote bag I talked about in my last blog post is done, in time to carry to Atlanta. I always need a tote for purchases, handouts, magazines, snacks, and whatever else.

Yep, it’s Team Stark from the MCU films. Tony (in workshop garb), the Iron Man suit, and Pepper (complete with red soles on her Louboutin high heels, hehe). And who might be hanging around on the back…

Spider-Man! (If you haven’t seen any of the MCU films, young Peter Parker is Tony’s protégé and surrogate son, so I had to include him.)

My dissatisfaction with my weight is starting to show some results. I’ve actually lost enough weight that I can wear skinny jeans without feeling like a hot dog in a casing. Goodwill thoughtfully provided me with some grey ones that fit perfectly and are very comfy!

I’m applying for another freelance writing gig. This one required a short sample paper written in academic format. They gave several options for topics, and I, naturally, went with the geekiest of the geeky: the pros and cons of governmental regulation of artificial intelligence. LOLOL.

Off to finish packing—talk to you soon!

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