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spring has sprung

Blogging is not something you should feel you have to force yourself to do, really, I try to think of it as like writing a periodical circular letter to friends and fam, and taking care to do it in such a way that anybody who wanders in can make sense of it and enjoy whatever excuse for a yarn I am spinning. (Bad metaphor, I know, considering I don’t even spin yarn, but, whatever. LOL)

It’s not even that I have to force myself, it’s just that sometimes things just…pile up. I don’t know! Having my aunt over for half the week, roughly, impacts the time I have to sit down and be quiet and write, and I always end up with more projects of various types than I seem to have time to work on them in. Sigh. I guess I need to work on my time management skills?

Anyway, here I am blogging, finally, and it’s partly because I don’t have a lot of options for stuff to do right now. I woke up this morning and went to plug my phone into the power strip by my bed, then realized it wasn’t working. Neither was the lamp plugging into the other outlet there. Crap, I thought, it didn’t storm last night, how did the power go out? I called it in right away, and since it was 7 am there was no point in trying to go back to sleep, so I hopped up and headed for the bathroom, then to go find my little power bank and charge my phone, and make sure the fridge stayed closed until power was restored. That is, until I walked past the night light in the outlet on the other end of my bedroom and noticed…it was lit up.

A little more sleepy investigation revealed two outlets in my bedroom aren’t working, and an outlet and two switches downstairs (directly under my bedroom, to be exact) aren’t either. I looked at the fuse box but nothing looks amiss. So anyhow, my point, and I do indeed have one, is that I am blogging while I sit on my butt waiting for an electrician to call me back and tell me if he can come today.

(I’m giving him until I get this post written and posted, then I’m calling him back. If they can’t come until tomorrow, fine, just tell me. I need to go to the grocery.)

I was planning to go to mom’s bank today---the last checks to pay for her funeral and all have cleared, so I can now close her accounts, and no more having to jog back and forth between two different banks. That’s going to take a little time, though; the first time I went, I had to wait half an hour to meet with somebody to inform me they couldn’t do anything until the death certificate came through. So that’s off for today. Maybe tomorrow, unless the weather is as bad as predicted.

I HATE that, the weather forecast I mean, because we have the NFL draft! Downtown is going to be batcrap crazy the next few days. My happy ass isn’t getting any closer than 100 Oaks mall, and only there because Avengers Endgame. Technically, I guess it opens Friday, but I scored a seat for tomorrow night, whereupon I promptly started tracking down every spoiler I could find. I’m one of those people. Not one that wants to spoil it for others, but one who likes to have, since we now can, some idea of what I’m going into. Good thing too, since this particular flick is going to be…intense, from all indications. If y’all don’t hear from me for a while, I may be digging a hole to crawl in and hide for a while and recuperate.

It’s funny though, isn’t it, how we get emotionally attached to fictional characters. In the case of the MCU films, y’all remember my story, how I merrily tripped off to go see my first movie in years just after moving mom, and got sucked down a rabbit hole. When I think about it, that rabbit hole was one of the best things that could have happened to me at that point in time. Finding a new fandom to follow brought new activities like cons and brunches, new friends to hang out with online and meet in person, and even helped to kickstart my writer brain. However this movie goes down, it’s universally reported to be the end of an era, so it’s going to feel weird. And my tale aside, I think about friends who have been following these characters for eleven years, some young friends who were kids and now are young adults, and it’s got to be something for them too. (My age does help, though, when they scream about how they are going to get through a 3-hour movie without a bathroom break and I reply ‘pffft, I sat through Titanic AND Dances With Wolves. Get real kiddos’. hehe)

Speaking of fannish events, the geek girls brunch was great fun. I met lots of fun folks, ate more than I should have, and won second prize in a game! It earned me an Easter bucket full of goodies, from a chocolate bunny and a bag of sweetarts to a Captain Marvel bobble head.

General springtime stuff has been going on. I bought flowers to put out, and new sneakers, which I needed!

I also went all Marie Kondo on my fountain pen hoard, after returning from Atlanta, as well as my messy closet. Now, to haul the clothes to Goodwill, and post the pens for sale (after aunt Peggy goes through them—she loves the one I brought her so much, she’s thinking she might want more. I’m thinking a couple of bottles of ink may be nice birthday and Christmas presents down the road) Next challenge is to clean out the rest of mom’s stuff. EEK. One step at a time girl.

Here’s mom’s marker, with flowers. It turned out perfect.

And the new writing job is going well—the assignment I have to get done now is a lengthy research piece on owls and climate change. It’s going well, I just have to have a good block of time to open up my reference articles and doc in progress windows and massage everything. Tomorrow morning, I’m hoping, IF the electrician shows up sometimes soon-ish. And with that, I leave you for now, so I can call and try to find something out!

(ETA, never mind, as I typed that last sentence, the phone rang and they are on their way, so YAY.)

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