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warming trends!

Spring has sprung, the grass has riz, I wonder where the birdies is!

They are outside tweeting like crazy right now. It’s a beautiful day, HOT, the hottest so far this year, I think. I finished putting out all my plants; the flowers I mentioned last post, some herbs, a couple of veggies, and my Joseph’s coat. Somehow, I didn’t expect them to, but the rosemary, lavender and mint that I planted last spring all came back!

My knockout rose bush that I pruned last winter is going berserk. Red blooms all over the place. Daddy’s old Mister Lincoln bush is growing great and blooming also, and my fig tree still is a bit wonky on one side, but is coming along much better than it did last year. I’m even, once again, going to try a tomato plant. Spent time and money on it last year, and got, I think, 4 tomatoes off it? Really? Get real.

Work is moving right along; I need to go check my new gig’s web site for any new orders I can pick up. I need 2 more before the 19th to finish my probationary period. The past few checks have either had no new assignments available, or stuff in such esoteric little sub-categories that even I couldn’t bs my way through them. LOL

It’s been a busy past couple of weeks. I took my bff shopping for clothes and shoes for an upcoming trip, and we scored big time. Well, she did. I was quite proud of myself for not buying myself anything other than a snack.

The other day, the crappy old laptop I’ve been bitching about off and on for ages finally broke my patience. I was trying to get a couple of web site review jobs done, and it kept freezing up, or kicking me out of the browser altogether. When it started impacting my bottom line, such as that is, I had had enough. I shut it down (after contacting the client to apologize—thankfully the last job was almost done when the tech started to act a fool, and the client was happy enough with what I’d done that they are still going to pay me for it. Yay!), hauled myself down to Electronic Express, and came home with a nice new little HP. My printer is HP too and it is tough as shoe leather. The screen is a bit smaller, but the processer and hard drive are the same speed and capacity as the old one (when the old one worked, and really, isn’t that the whole freaking POINT of having a computer??) I really like it! It runs like a dream and is more lightweight, so easier to carry wherever I want to sit in the house.

As for writing, I’m still playing with my fanfic, laboring through deciphering my old manuscript, and starting up new stuff. Remember I mentioned a while back a few story ideas that had hit me? I’ve got one of those pretty much fleshed out—the one about the human baby raised by faeries. It even has a working title: Son of the Fae Star, Daughter of Fire. I’ll share more when I get a summary pulled together that isn’t 10 pages long and doesn’t spoil every plot twist. Basically, the boy grows up and wants to track down his mortal parents and find out how he came to be in the keeping of a renegade fae who handed him off to a very startled faerie prince and his friends, and why, even though he is human and can’t wield magic, he can create weapons and armor with magical properties. He bonds with a fae healer girl shunned by her family for not inheriting their fire powers and she helps him out (while they pine, naturally, but push each other away because reasons). It still needs some work but I think it could be fun.

And I have appointments this week. The other day while researching unrelated items, I discovered the unsettling fact that I may not actually be immune to measles, even though I got a shot as a baby. It seems the shots they gave back then didn’t always work as they should have. So tomorrow I have to drop into my doctor’s office and get a titer drawn to check. Plus, my wonderful little tattoo looks like it’s trying to fade! ☹ so I’m popping into the studio in a little while to have it looked at and see if it needs a touch up. Being on my ankle, I guess it could be the rubbing of socks and shoes and pants legs. Or maybe I'm just overreacting. We'll see.

Last week I realized that while I went ahead and grabbed my ticket to Dragon Con in August, I hadn’t yet booked my hotel. Thankfully, the place I stayed last year is still open so I snagged a spot (half a mile from the train to downtown, out of the traffic and fuss, walking distance of a grocery, you remember the drill)

While I was at that, I thought about this time of year, when I always think about the Smokies. The place my parents and I always stayed, that burned during the big fire, is rebuilding and will be reopening soon, but not until the summer crush starts, which I like to avoid (fuss, and also cost). So I thought I’d check the little place in Pigeon Forge where I stayed last year, and you can believe this or not, but they had ONE room left for the dates I inquired about. Clearly, it was meant to be. So my new light weight laptop and I will be heading off to spend a few days in the mountains!

It’s going to be interesting, to say the least, because this is the first time I’ll be going up there since mom passed. I think I’ll be okay. If I’m not okay though, that is okay too, I know. I thought I might get emotional the other week when I went to see Avengers Endgame, because I knew for a fact some characters would be getting killed off, and I do cry at sad movies and make no apologies for it. And yes, it was emotional, but I surprised myself by not losing it. Maybe my brain went ‘fictional characters, meh, nowhere near real life’ since I’d just been through the real life version. Anyhow, I think I said last year when I went up to the mountains (you know, when they kept calling me about moving mom from point A to point B and I thought I’d have to turn around and go back home in two days) that I just feel closer to her and daddy there, so I feel that will carry out.

I'll try to blog again before I go, and show you some things I'm making (and maybe some I haven't made yet, if I can figure out how to get them to work :D)

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