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Quick hello and update before I head for the mountains. Not much going on; the most excitement I’ve had is getting a haircut. LOL.

I’m starting to get my things together to head for the Smokies. When I go to the mountains, I don’t really spend a lot of money. The place I stay is very reasonable, and I believe I shared about their awesome free breakfast (you do recall I’m cheap, right? :D) Since the rooms have microwave & fridge, I will likely repeat my previous noshing of leftovers and making of sandwiches to carry with me on my outings, so I end up spending little on eats. And y’all know, I can spend a day shopping and buy next to nothing. It’s just the fun, the seeing things, the memories, the chance to chill and maybe reconnect with folks I know.

Although! I am hoping to do one thing that I have wanted to do since the first time I went to the Smokies as an adult, and have never been able to do. Just off the exit, there's a huge flea market. It's open Friday, Saturday and Sunday. When I went with my parents, we were either going up on Sunday, or coming back on Friday, and getting them to stop so I could waste hours prowling through stuff? was not going to happen. This time though, I'm going up on Sunday, AND on my own, so I have no obligation to anybody else's timeline, soooo...fleas! (well, I do have to leave time enough to stop at the awesome knife store and pay them a couple of bucks to sharpen the great little knife I found at the casino in Tunica. Remember the one I decided to count as part of my well-nigh nonexistent winnings? yeah, that one. lol)

I'm learning not to feel guilty about doing things for myself. Sometimes I still kind of do. The other day I checked the weather for the Smokies for next week and discovered it's supposed to be quite warm. The hotel, as I recall from walking past a few times, had a nice pool. I however don't swim and don't even own a swimsuit I can shove my fat butt into. Wal-Mart to the rescue! When I ran in there the other day to pick up a pill planner for my aunt, I passed a rack of sale suits, tried a couple on, and, well, one came home with me. I don't look like a sausage in it, at least. Online later I made a comment about being bad at Wal-Mart, and got gently scolded by the friends who hold me accountable for how I talk about myself, bless them. (wasn't that bad anyway, was only $15. Just, force of habit, I guess, to feel like buying something that is not an absolute necessity is less than desirable behavior.)

Oh, my butt is slightly less fat though. Yay! hopefully more yay after several days of walking around the tourist areas and craft shops, and hopefully getting up into the mountains and walking a bit too.

Mothers Day was last weekend, and it was…strange. Last year it came in the midst of the whole hoo-ha with trying to get mom settled in an appropriate placement, of course, but this is the first year I really didn’t have her in my world at all. I just spent it doing things she would have enjoyed, and pampering my aunt a bit. Baked salmon, flowers, relaxing music.

Finally got a halfway decent pic of the new cat. You'd think as polite as he is when waiting to be fed, as well as he sits, it wouldn't be hard to get a good photo, but when the phone comes out he wants to take off. Here he is in an unguarded moment, though.

One desperately needed thing that I finally got done this week was get my hedges cut! Ever since John and Mary next door moved, they haven’t been touched. He used to cut them even though they were technically on my property, since he knew I couldn’t do it myself, and the guy who bought the place swore he would have his yard crew do it. WRONG. So Mike who cuts my grass brought his friend Jim (who also knew my dad, yay <3) over, and he quoted me a good price for this huge-ass hedge. So Monday morning at 5:40 am, I was wakened by somebody sneezing in my driveway. Yes, that will wake me up, what can I say. Anyway, it took him till noon but he got it done. Of course, the neighbor had to stop their car on the way out of their driveway to take him to task about maintaining THEIR privacy. Um, I hardly ever see y’all anyway, hush. I’m happy, I no longer have to get out with my pitiful hand-powered clippers and try to trim the thing back enough to not scratch my car pulling in and out of my garage, so that’s all I need really.

Let’s see, what if anything else is going on. Crafts! I was inspired to make this teeny cross-stitch up after seeing Avengers Endgame.

I won’t spoil with details, in case any of y’all haven’t seen it yet, but ‘I love you three thousand’ is one of the most emotional lines in the film. I dug through my bead stash and made a bracelet too.

I did get yarn this week for some fingerless gloves. I think I mentioned last fall I made some for an online fandom charity auction, and I got ideas from Avengers Endgame for a couple of new variations I can offer. Maybe I’ll get brave and put more than one pair up for bids. A friend also commissioned me to crochet her a tiny Tony like mine, so I’ll be starting him up later today, probably. May toss a couple of bags of yarning in the car with my cross-stitch to relax with when I head for the hills.

Pictures from Pigeon Forge, Gatlinburg, the park, and wherever else I end up, when I get back!

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