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holy cow!

Dang. Has it really been this long? I’m sorry. I wish I could say I’ve been doing something super exciting or productive that has kept me from updating. Sadly, that is not the case.

I’ve had assorted house related things come up, and that has eaten some time. The week after I got back from the Smokies, I went out to the garage and noticed water along the closed door. Odd, I thought, since it hadn’t rained in a couple of day. I wondered if my gutters were clogged and rainwater was running off the side of the house. Then I went out the next morning to put in a load of laundry and heard a tick-tick-tick that sounded at first like the noise the water heater sometimes makes when it’s working. After I listened for a minute, though, I realized No, it sounded more like water dripping.

Yep. I had a leak. I wasn’t sure how to turn the water to the house off (turns out I need a specific tool for that, which I can going to procure for future issues) but at least it wasn’t much more than a steady drip. I wrapped some towels around it to try to slow it as much as possible, then called the plumber I usually use, only to be told they wouldn’t have anybody available for most of the week! In a panic, I googled ‘plumber near me’ and called the closest one.

Thank heavens, not only was the guy available right then, but he and a co-worker were actually at the Lowes a few blocks from my house picking up supplies for a job that afternoon! I think he could tell I was panicking, so he said they would be right over, and they were. They examined the situation and diagnosed the problem, thank heavens, as just being a leak between my water heater and the old water filtering system. The filter hadn’t been serviced in a while, and to be honest, it’s kind of more of a pain than it’s worth, so I asked if they could just take it out of the loop altogether and set my water pipes to come straight. They were glad to do that!

(fun story—the plumber sent his helper back to Lowes to grab the right size piping. As he was leaving I said ‘darn it, I should have given him some money and asked if he would pick me up some tongs, I’m planning to grill tomorrow and I was going down to Lowes myself later today to get them’. Plumber promptly whips his phone out, calls his guy and tells him to get me some tongs, and wouldn’t even take my money. And no, he didn’t increase the cost he had already quoted me, either. Nice folks still exist.)

My water works fine, and tastes fine, so, no big deal. Next problem was, you may remember back in the spring, when several plugs and switches suddenly went out? I got an electrician over who determined it was a bad plug in the downstairs bathroom and replaced it. Well, last Sunday night, they did it again. I messed with the circuit breakers a bit, but was afraid I would, as I frequently do, make a bad situation worse. So I waited till the next morning and called the electricians. Fortunately they had somebody free to come by. I hoped it was something simple that I just didn’t know to do, and thank the Lord it was. The plugs around water, as I think I mentioned that other time, are different, and have special safeguards built in. One of the unhappy side effects, however, is that the circuit breakers tend to snap at weird times and for no good reason that can readily be discerned. ☹ So I had to pay the service visit fee for the electrician to show me which one it was (it was not one I had messed with, which could be good or bad, depending. LOL) But at least if it happens again, I know exactly what to do.

Let’s see, positive recent activities. Grilling!

Yay summer! When I fire it up, I throw everything in the house on it. Burgers, chops, brats (pre boiled with onions then finished on the grill), weiners, veggies in foil, you name it. Whatever doesn’t get eaten that night goes in the fridge to get consumed later. I did pork chops last weekend; the leftovers were sliced super thin and became part of a sort-of-Cuban sandwich the other night, and I just shredded the last bits which are happily marinating in bbq sauce in a baggie, to be heated and dumped over a huge baked potato for supper tonight. You know how I love to get creative with bits, and I’m watching my pennies for Dragon Con.

Speaking of which, I started a lot earlier this year on making goodies for the craft swap group’s meetup there! I will not end up wearing a splint on my inflamed wrist again because I waited till the last minute to try to crochet a hundred stuffies. Also, this year I am limiting my crafting to tribbles/pygmy puffs/soot sprites/whatever you want to call them.

60 or so done so far.

AND the hoodie sweater is finally done!

And best of all, it fits perfectly! I never say this, so listen closely…I can’t wait till fall. So I can wear this, of course. :D

Finally got a fair photo of the Bandit.

He's almost solid black, with a few tufts of greyish here and there. He's pretty slim, but looks much better since he's been hanging out and getting fed regularly. His fur is glossy and soft now, and he likes pets even better than Big Mamma and Junebug.

Writing continues apace, naturally. I’m still having issues with getting Song for the Seacrossing beta read by a reliable person, but as soon as I can get another set or two of semi-accurate eyes on it, it is going to Amazon for publishing, and the next projects will get underway. And yeah, I’m still playing with fanfic. Since I was not pleased with the ending of the Avengers saga (well, not pleased is an understatement, for numerous reasons) I’m banging away to finish my own universe’s version in which things unfold rather more logically and satisfyingly. (Marvel, don’t give me a multiverse and not expect me to make it my very own personal sandbox.)

Anyway, as a whole, all goes reasonably well. Hope the same applies to you! I promise I won’t wait a month to update again. Next weekend is our local sci-fi con; it’s moved to Murfreesboro but I got a discounted weekend pass in the gift basket I won at the geek girls’ brunch, so that will be fun. The following week, I’m heading downtown to enjoy my favorite podcast in live form, so, hello, Night Vale! (more on that later)

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