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holidays proceeding apace!

Hope your season is going swimmingly, whether you celebrate anything particular this time of year and whatever it is 😊 and however you like to celebrate it! I have my usual small coterie of decorations up. Been cooking, of course, since cold weather makes me want to bake. Pumpkin bread--

and I made some random fudge over the weekend; I had partial bags of chocolate, butterscotch and peanut butter chips, not enough of any one for a batch of candy. So—I dumped them all in. It’s surprisingly good.

I’m contemplating a go at gingerbread people—mom loved gingerbread but I’d just bake it in cake form, which, Lord knows, is yummy enough as it is, with a dollop of whipped cream on top. Never tried making cookies though, and I’ve seen some amazing decorating jobs on them on pinterest and the like, so, might give it a shot. Might not though...that cake is sounding better all the time. See what y'all have done now? hehe. I may go bake that sucker after I post this blog!

Speaking of cooking, sort of: did I mention I’m conducting further brewing experiments? I have no idea why, because I’m not overly fond of alcohol, and I STILL have yet to find a beer I like; but I have always been fascinated with brewing, winemaking and the like. I’m still making kombucha, and it is turning out so good. I finally got the hang of producing some carbonation, and sipping on your own homemade fizzy fruity booch is so much fun. I do like hard cider though, so got a jug of apple juice, joined a couple of online forums, and found the local homebrew store. Only eight days later, I had some actual boozy cider, with bubbles! (this pic is straight, but I like it mixed with cranberry ginger ale)

I even inherited a nice set of supplies from somebody who got it as a gift but never used it, so I have thermometers and a hydrometer to measure the percentage of high octane, and all that. Anyway, I have a jug of mead (Viking honey wine) in progress, and over the weekend while cleaning out the pantry I found a jug of grape juice I bought for mom and never got to take to her, which is now in the process of becoming wine too. Small amounts of wine mixed with fruity soda water make a nice spritzer! As I’ve gotten older I have more of a head for alcohol than I did before, but I still generally just drink before bed, as it often helps me sleep. (Not like I have insomnia or anything, but sometimes when I’m creating it’s hard to get my brain to shut up!)

Speaking of creating…the big thing I alluded to in my last post, is the same thing I mentioned last week on my facebook page. Yes, the publishing deal is for real! A few days before Thanksgiving, I finally heard from the EIC (editor in chief) of the publishing house I’d been talking to about Song for the Seacrossing. Not only do they want it, they said I could submit King’s Game, since I’d only self-published it. And if they take it too, then I will have a built-in market for its sequel, and anything else set in Earthplace that I think of!

All I’m waiting for now is the contract to be written up. We discussed the terms and they are very fair. Bless the EIC, I asked if he knew when I should be expecting it to come, and I could almost hear the sigh over the email. It has to go through legal, he said. Might be tomorrow, might be January. LOL. I feel him. It’s fine with me though not to have to deal with business till after the holidays. But, yeah, once that arrives, it will be officially official. I will be a professionally published author, my lifelong dream.

So, besides that, and Christmas approaching, not much else going on. Got my holiday shopping done, getting together with the fam...

This is what happens when people try to race a timer, and lose. lol

I'm more of a homebody than people know, but I do like to get out and about; raiding thrift stores and the huge used bookstore, splurge and eat out on occasion. I want to go see a couple of movies this season (Dark Waters, which looks really good and socially conscious too, and Knives Out, which reminds me of the movies a distant cousin directed back in the 70s) And of course reading, writing, crafting. Oh, look who I adapted my basic crocheted person pattern to make yesterday.

yes, it's baby Yoda :D I’ve got to make time to watch the Mandalorian. Got to make time to watch a bunch of stuff. My dvr is half full! It’s next to impossible for me to write and watch tv at the same time though, and I’m playing with a couple of novel ideas, plus finishing my epic MCU fanfic series (because, come on, I have fans! They are interested! I can’t in good conscience leave them hanging! lol) and writing a story for a secret pal swap, and doing contract writing for several folks. So, yeah, busy!

Plus, believe it or not, y’all remember the saga of how mom ended up in the hospital the day after we moved her out of my house and into the assisted living? Like, April, 2018? I am still getting notifications that her insurance hasn’t finished paying the bills on that. the other day I got the third notice in as many months, so today I did what I’ve done the past times: called the insurance company, they said they didn’t have the claim listed, told me to call the hospital and have them call the insurance. Argh. At least I know it’s not on me. Her debts passed away with her, and they all know she is deceased, so they can work it out.

That reminds me, the funeral home that handled her sent me a note about their Christmas tree. Every Christmas they decorate a tree with angel ornaments labeled with the names of the folks whose services they have handled over the past year, and the families can come and get them. Daddy’s is hanging on my tree right now, and I’ll go get mom’s next week probably, so it can be hanging up before Christmas too. My first Christmas with both of them gone...just feels weird. I'm glad they are both peaceful, not hurting or ill, or having to put up with the crap we are, but at moments i miss them both terribly. Somebody on twitter the other day said something I hadn't heard since daddy passed and I had to stop and take a breath. At least last Christmas, mom was at McKendree, and I could go visit with her. She may not have known exactly who i was, but she knew I was somebody who cared about her, and vice versa. Now, yeah, weird.

and look what I found last week when I got struck by motivation and did some cleaning out in the garage (that was a really motivated week; one day was particularly nice and warm and I spent most of it outside pruning my crepe myrtle and pulling up the dead annuals and such. Another thing that makes me think of daddy)

One of those classic ceramic Christmas trees. Mom made it years ago! She also made a smaller green one, with the fluffy snow-paint, and we used it more, because we really didn’t have a place for this big thing. HOWEVER—I have just the place! Right here on my table. So aunt Peggy & I have been enjoying it. mom would be pleased, I think. She loved when people admired her work.

Happy and blessed holidays to all! Next blog update probably after New Years. Wix tells me they are changing their blog formats so I have to do that in the next few weeks. Pray I don’t screw it up and lose all of these!

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