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be careful what you wish for (not always in a bad way)

Hope everybody had good holidays. I spent Christmas Eve at my cousin’s house, sat up late binging The World According to Jeff Goldblum and drinking a cocktail, crashed on their couch, ate way too much, opened presents. I think they didn’t want me to be alone, my first Christmas without either parent. It really was great.

Got that insurance thing straight on mom’s hospitalization—called the hospital, talked to a lovely lady who looked up the info I gave her and immediately said ‘do not worry about it, we are taking care of it’. So, when I got yet ANOTHER notice last week, I just sighed and put it aside. LOL

Still writing—the secret pal swap story was well received, I got one in return that gave me ideas to write a sequel and maybe multiple ones, and I’m playing in a story bingo group which besides just keeping the gears in my writing brain well lubed, is giving me some ideas for more original stuff! Waiting for the contract on my book to be finalized, but not distressed. I’m not going to pester them; I really don’t want to be That Person.

Binged The Mandalorian the Saturday between Christmas and New Years! It’s terrific. I’m honestly trying to remember if I’ve watched anything that producer did that wasn’t terrific. (Jon Favreau, who brought us Elf, Chef, Iron Man and the latest version of The Lion King among other things) I also made several more baby Yodas, NOT for sale (hush up, you creeping Disney spy). I swapped them to folks for various things, and they are universally loved.

On the crafting front, I’m trying to think of what I want to make for Dragon Con this year. You may remember the past 2 times I went, I crocheted tribbles/pygmy puffs/soot sprites/viruses, whatever you wish to call those little furry things I made from my seemingly inexhaustible stash of awful eyelash and fun fur yarn. :D I’m a little burnt out on them though, so now I’m prowling pinterest looking for other crafty fandom things, preferably things I can make out of stuff I already have. I also need to update my posts about my Marriott Carpet earrings, because as spring arrives and people really start thinking about con-going, some of them may want to commission those. Heck, I ended up selling enough before the holiday gift-giving time that I paid for next year’s con membership!

The biggest event since my last blog is one you may have seen me mention (ha, mention, more like scream my wide white ass off about). The day after that binge, I went hunting online to figure out how to sign up for the ticket lottery for Hamilton. Its opening night was Tuesday, New Year’s Eve. For those of you who may not know, the tickets, obviously are kind of expensive, and even at that are very hard to get. They sell out in minutes, literally. However—in response, the OG production in New York came up with an idea: people put their names in a figurative hat, and forty names are drawn for every show. Those forty people get a chance to buy up to four tickets each, for ten dollars (a Hamilton, get it? the ten dollar founding father. Hence the name/hashtag #Ham4Ham that most folks use for it)

The touring companies do it too. You sign up, starting two days before the opening, and every day at noon, forty names are drawn for the following night’s performance. You get an email of notification, and have from noon till 4 pm to pay for your tickets. So, with the show starting that Tuesday, the lottery started taking names for Nashville on Sunday. It took a little finagling but I found it and went ahead and signed up. I wasn’t going to win, but I certainly was going to try.

Uh. The next day when I got home from running to the grocery and post office and such, I glanced at my phone while eating my lunch, I had a text from an unknown number that said ‘you have won the Hamilton lottery! Check your email for details on completing your purchase’. Okay, there’s no way this is legit. There’s no freaking way I won a ticket to opening night. And even if there was, there’s no way I’m willingly going downtown on New Year’s Eve, when we have one of the biggest crowds in the US. Right?

Wrong on all counts. I won. I WON. And I have to admit, I honestly agonized about whether I actually wanted to get into that mess. Okay, I agonized for like, maybe five or ten minutes? before I acknowledged I was likely never going to have another chance to see it, and what kind of idiot would I be to throw away this shot? (pun intended, of course)

I hated to think about leaving my aunt here at my house alone, because we were planning to just chill, maybe watch some tv (we’re working our way through The Witcher on Netflix, which is quite entertaining) and toast at midnight, or whenever she decided to turn in. she was not hearing of me giving this up or even thinking too hard about it though, planted herself at her kid’s house and said GET ON WITH IT.

So, yeah, I did. I gussied up as best I could, and analyzed parking maps of downtown. The show started at 7:30, doors opened at 6, but I figured if I got down there and got parked by 5 or so, I wouldn’t have to try to find my way around in the dark, AND I could splurge on supper someplace fun. I mean tickets start at $100 and I’m only paying 10? That gives me a little to play with. I even parked in a monitored garage, instead of some way out of the way surface lot; it did cost a bit more but a gal downtown by herself can’t be too careful.

There’s a tiny hole in the wall Italian restaurant a block or two from the performing arts center, that I’d wanted to check out for a long time. It’s across from the lot I usually park in for events and it’s called Caesar’s.

No ambiance to speak of, but cozy and unpretentious and the smells, oh my gosh, make your stomach growl. I had plenty of time to walk to it and enjoy the best skillet full of cheese tortellini I think I’ve ever had.

They were slow, but I didn’t have to get stressed. I kicked back and took my time. Although I did tell the cashier when I checked out that a part of me now wanted to go home and take a nap. That part was my full belly. LOL.

Walked up the block and joined the throng entering the center, got into Will Call line with my email proving I was a lottery winner. The lady at the ticket counter pulled an envelope, looked at it, and her eyes got wide. “oh, you got a good one!” she said. I stepped aside and pulled up a seating chart to look—frankly I was plenty thrilled to be anywhere in the room where it happened, and any seat that had an unblocked view of the stage would suit me fine.

That, um, is row D. As in the fourth letter of the alphabet. As in, the fourth row back from the stage, I thought.

Not exactly. You see, the orchestra pit for this show takes up rows A and B. Which meant, row D was actually the SECOND row back from the stage. (insert boggled blinking eyes here) Those are the $500 seats, y’all, and this was my view. Yeah, some people think this is too close, but I was not about to complain.

I gave myself permission to splurge a bit, as I say, so I got a few pieces of swag (program book, tote bag, fridge magnet, lapel pin) and even a cocktail! Wish I’d taken a pic, it was lovely and tasty

Best of all, since the New Year’s festivities were on the opposite side of Capitol Hill from the performing arts center, I was able to get back to my car, wiggle my way out of downtown, and be home and in my pj’s by 11;15, more than enough time to kick back, watch the musical performances on tv that were going on blocks from where I had just been and without the crowds and chaos, and ring in the new year happily.

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