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movie critics suck, all foods are worth trying, and crafting is life.

Past due updating again, sorry. Thanks for all y’all who seem to still enjoy my meanderings whenever they show up. I’m also sorry for not checking comments regularly. Some of the brain wattage that I lost over the years of caregiving are still trying to find their way home, I think.

Hope everybody is doing well. This past week was the anniversary of mom’s passing. It feels like just yesterday, and an age ago, all at the same time. I went thrift store shopping in her honor; it seemed appropriate and I wished she was there. I still belong to the caregivers’ group on facebook, and we support each other as we work through the aftermath. Was talking with some friends in my online knitting group and made a comment about a current event—somebody mentioned when it occurred in relation to another event, and I went ‘really?’ (insert puzzled look here). Then they posted the actual date, or at least the month, I think, and I went ‘ohhh’ because it happened the month mom’s dementia blew up, the month that I had to quit work and my world began to inexorably shrink from normal-human-environment size to ultimately the walls of her bedroom and not much beyond. At times, it still takes a moment for me to remember how to people in public. Thank heavens, my daddy was a pretty social animal, and I find myself falling back on his model at times; being cheerful and polite and honest to everybody gets you a long way!

Whew, anyhow. Life marches on! A couple of days after my last blog post, I took myself out for my birthday. I splurged on a steak dinner and a movie. In case you don’t see my facebook, I will repeat: don’t listen to movie critics. My high school English teacher was fond of saying ‘them that can, do; them that can’t, review’ about literary criticism, and I think it’s even more accurate about performing arts. To be specific, if you get a chance to see Dolittle, do it. It’s funny, goofy, cute and touching. Also a beautiful film with cool effects, gorgeous cinematography, a wonderful soundtrack, and some hilariously over the top performances. Since I act through making stuff much of the time, I expressed my delight by making a Dolittle doll, naturally.

I joined a cross-stitch swap and am making a Hogwarts crest for my swap partner. And I finally decided what to make for the swag meetup at Dragon Con, and am starting super early this year. I refuse to let myself in for a repeat of my first con, when (as you may recall. HA, who am I kidding, no you don’t, nor do I blame you for it. LOL) I pounded out fifty crocheted tribble-pygmy puff-thingies in a month or so and nursed an inflamed wrist for the next month.

Yep. Baby Yoda. hehe

Believe it or not, that is the exact same base pattern that I made the aforementioned pygmy puffs from! I just worked out the stitches needed to add the ears and robe collar. They’re going to have clips on top to fasten them to backpacks, zippers, purses, whatever. I may also make a few Harry Potter-verse golden snitches, which result from changing the colors and leaving the collar and face off. Mostly baby Yoda though. The new season of The Mandalorian starts just a few weeks after Dragon Con so people are going to be on fire about it, I suspect. I tried to figure out how to perch my larger baby on my shoulder, the way my tiny Tony does, but baby’s legs are too short for me to sit him up there and pin him on. I’ll probably clip one to my little daypack, and give them away until I run out, because you know people are going to see it and go ‘where did you get THAT??’ :D And I, very modestly, shall reply ‘why, I made it! would you like one, I have a few’. (When I run out, I’ll stick the last one in my purse so I have one. Or maybe not, I can always make myself one more.)

So I’m set for that, looking way ahead. Coming up sooner is the Atlanta pen show in the spring. Last year, I…I hate to admit this but I got a little bored by the end of my third day there. Not that I don’t love looking at the pretty pens and talking to people, but when I’m keeping a super tight grip on my billfold, as I normally do, there is a bit of frustration there! So in preparing this go-round, I had a thought. if I only went for two days, and only stayed one night, that’d give me the other night’s hotel cost as play money, so to speak. Not like I’d spend it all, but I wouldn’t get really torqued up, as daddy used to say, if I did see something I fell in love with.

That was the plan, at least until last Wednesday. Last Wednesday, because I have an American Express card, I got access to Rolling Stones tickets two days before everybody else. I went to take a look, figuring the cheap seats were $200 and I would look and sigh and get back to writing or whatever.

Yeah. Right. The cheap seats were less than $60, and by the time I emerged from my small freakout, I had bought one with a reasonably good view of the stage and the big screen (because stadium), with insurance in case I got sick, car broke down, show gets rained out, et cetera, AND parking at the stadium, and still had some of the money I saved on the pen hotel left! Fancy fountain pen, versus checking a large thing off my bucket list? No contest. Mick and the lads win.

Henceforth, I will behave myself financially. I dropped by a warehouse sale on some high-end boots today, drooled over a few, but restrained myself. (didn’t hurt that the two pair I tried on looked great but didn’t feel great. Doggone it, I am of an age where I don’t feel like wearing a darned pair of shoes around for six months to break them in. I’m just lazy, maybe.)

I did indulge myself just a bit, though. I read a really interesting cookbook/memoir recently by a Korean-American guy & got interested in their food. It’s so nice to have a huge international market almost within walking distance of my house. I broke down a couple of weeks ago and bought a jar of kimchi to try. It’s cabbage and other veggies marinated in a spicy brine. People have compared it to sauerkraut, and if you ever watched MASH you might remember the episode where Frank Burns (I think) found what he thought was a land mine, but it was a buried pot full of kimchi, because that’s how country folks pickled it back in the day. Hawkeye’s declaration was ‘don’t you know what you’ve done, man? You’ve struck coleslaw’. It doesn’t taste exactly like either of those to me though. My first bite reminded me immediately of a classic Southern relish my granny loved, called chow-chow! And I’m afraid I’m becoming the little old lady in the hot sauce ad, because since then I’ve been putting kimchi on everything. Hot dogs, fried rice, noodles, cold cut sandwiches, burgers.

But back to my story. Being proud of myself for not blowing $100 on a pair of boots, I decided I could blow $10 on lunch. There’s a tiny hole in the wall Korean place, very near that boot warehouse, and I’d been planning to check it out for a while, so I wandered in. Lots of Korean folks eating, always a good sign with any ethnic place. I ordered the least expensive thing on the menu, called bibimbap. It’s rice topped with veggies, beef, and a fried egg. Sounded like a good try. Except when it arrived, my table ended up looking like this.

Yes! Look at all those teeny dishes. I didn’t know what half those things were. Still don’t actually; I’m going to go look them up in a few. Soup, obviously, which looked and tasted like a version of Japanese miso. Broccoli, and kimchi! (it’s in the bowl next to the soup, below the white stuff, of which more in a sec.) The others, no clue. That has never, however, stopped me from trying stuff. The brown flat triangles in the dish above the broccoli in the pic, whatever they are, were slightly warmed and super tasty. The stuff closest to the main dish tasted like spicy pickled chunks of cucumber or zucchini; probably cukes, because they were very crunchy.

The white stuff—imagine egg salad, potato salad, and Waldorf salad had some unholy but yummy offspring. The farthest dish, next to the red bottle which is labeled ‘red chili paste’ and was spicy but not crazy so, looked like pineapple chunks. It wasn’t, but it was definitely sweet.

In case you need proof I will try anything whether I can identify it or not.

Yep. (burp) Now, to go find out what I just ate. Have a great rest of the weekend, everybody, and I swear I will try to update before another dang month has passed.

ps, Wix just made me change over to their new format and i cannot yet puzzle out how to resize pictures. It's much more difficult than the old format. Apologies if this blows up your page or whatever. :(

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